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[opensuse-gnome] GNOME Live CD trimming
  • From: Hans Petter Jansson <hpj@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 22:56:45 -0500
  • Message-id: <1209095805.6192.266.camel@xxxxxxxxxx>
I went through the list of packages from rpm -qa on the Live CD looking
for things that can be removed. Unfortunately, it's already cut pretty
close to the bone. Mono really hurts us, since its bindings libs bring
in a lot of dependencies.

I did find some candidates for removal, though:

bug-buddy - 1985624 bytes
* We have no debuginfo anyway, so it's next to useless.
* The google breakpad part is huge.
* It also installs a static version of the breakpad lib (?!).

xterm - 1989755 bytes
* I don't think we need two terminal programs, especially not
when one is so huge. gnome-terminal doesn't have any serious
technical shortcomings, and xterm is pretty much hidden from the
user as it is.

icewm - 1017076 bytes
icewm-lite - 643576 bytes
* Superfluous window manager.
* Is this needed for the installer or yast somehow?

tasque - 677049 bytes
* I don't think this is mature enough to warrant the space on
the Live CD.
* Evolution has task support.
* Requires Inet connectivity?
* Currently crashes on start due to missing Mono dep

xournal - 330731 bytes
* It's a note-taking app that looks like a real journal with
margins and guide lines. Lets you doodle.
* Too specialized for the Live CD?
* We're shipping Tomboy notes.

bc - 228015 bytes
* Too exotic for the Live CD? gcalctool sufficient?
* Only important dependent seems to be openssl, but I don't
think it's needed for openssl consuming programs (removed it
from my main computer with seemingly no ill effects).

PackageKit - 1381964 bytes
gnome-packagekit - 1449137 bytes
* It's huge.
* You can't modify the software selection on the Live CD anyway.

Then there's X-Chat vs. Pidgin, but I guess we should keep both since
you're stuck with what you've got on the Live CD.

If we remove all of the suggested packages, we will save 9,702,927 bytes
(according to the size field in rpm -qi), or 9,995,776 bytes if you take
block padding into account with 512-byte blocks, using the following
(cut/paste friendly) script:

let total_size=0; for i in $(rpm -ql bug-buddy xterm icewm icewm-lite \
tasque xournal bc PackageKit gnome-packagekit); do if [ -f $i ]; then \
let total_size+=$(stat -c '%b' $i); fi; done; let total_size*=$(stat \
-c '%B' .); echo $total_size

You'll get a bigger number for a non-Live-CD install, I guess because
the Live CD packages are optimized for size.

I left the games alone because they appeal to new users who want to try
out the distro, and I left the diagnostics tools (hardware and network)
alone since they're so useful on Live CDs.

Hans Petter

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