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Re: [opensuse-gnome] nobody likes the application-browser...
  • From: Gabriel <gabriel.sgt@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2007 19:51:55 -0300
  • Message-id: <472A588B.3020900@xxxxxxxxx>
Christian Jäger escribió:

I'd like to bring up once again the perhaps most controversial issue in
openSUSE's rendition of GNOME: its way of browsing/starting

Regular complaints about the application-browser are:

1) it is not GNOME standard
2) application-browser start-up time is too long
3) finding applications in app-browser is cumbersome

I totally agree with these 3 points.

There's not much to say about 1); many things about openSUSE are far
from Vanilla, and be that good or not, it won't change.

2) is an issue that has been 'taken care of' several times AFAIK but
none of the attempts have really resolved the issue. The
application-browser can still take anything up to a minute on my 1.7
Ghz, 512 MB RAM computer to start (and by this I don't mean first-time
startup) when I'm running other applications. What, if anything, else
could be done to resolve this issue, apart from simply ditching the
app-browser as a concept?

SLAB is also very slow to open.

3) is a valid complaint IMHO, last brought up in this review:,138886-c,suse/article.html

Quote: "if you're looking for a spreadsheet, for example, you must first
scroll through almost a full page of games."

The reviewer obviously didn't click the categories on the left window
pane but simply scrolled down the menu from top to bottom in order to
find the application she was looking for. Can we expect users to do
otherwise; even to enter a search-term in the search-box on the top-left
corner? I think not. Also there is a lack of sub-categories

A possible solution comes from ASUS' new customized Xandros-desktop for
their Eee-PC; they use a full-screen, tabbed 'application-browser' of

The decision to make the GUI full-screen-size and always visible might
well be attributed to the minuscule size of the device's screen (7").
Still the screen-real-estate is small, so it uses two ways to very
effectively reduce the number of applications that are immediately
-icons that lead to a deeper-level hierarchy

I think the positive effect on usability is just remarkable.

Please test it using this 'interactive' demo:

How about a re-design of the application-browser using tabs (if not a
second-level hierachy for technical reasons)? Do you think it would
improve user-experience (I do)? Would it be much work?


Another point: If one could use the same screen-estate for the main-menu
as the ASUS-device uses for its launcher - ideally reducing the amount
of icons by sub-categories - one could well integrate the tabbed
app-browser directly into the 'Computer'-menu and NOT have the
startup-lag of a separate application-browser, thus solving problem 2),
I think. Just a reminder that this option exists; 'Mint' does something
like that.


This option looks good and is more confortable to use than the current one.
Actually, I'm using the standard gnome menu (Application, Places,
System), 'cause I really dislikes the current one.


Best regards.
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