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Re: [opensuse-foundation] Purpose of the Foundation; help refine the definition
Le 24/01/2011 04:59, Alan Clark a écrit :

The purpose is from prior discussions, and up for refinement, as
the Foundation portal page points out all this is Drafts and
represents the current state of the discussion.

present text is:

"The openSUSE Foundation assists the openSUSE community efforts to
build a general purpose Linux based Operating System including
Desktop, Server and Development tools. The Foundation exercises
administrative responsibilities and legal controls to engender open
and objective leadership, vision, commitment and solidarity,
empowering people to make decisions, attracting additional companies
to donate to the project, and attracting a broader range of individual
contributors. "

* "assists the openSUSE community efforts" seems to me too
restrictive. I think the foundation should be able to assist any free
software/open source project. For example it could be once necessary
to salary a kde developper or a kernel specialist; "assist the free
software/open source community, for example the openSUSE community".
we may also have to support a hardware company (for our datacenter) or
commercial one (to sell boxes)...

* "to build a general purpose Linux based Operating System" too
limited. In any effort to build a general purpose Linux distribution,
build infrastructure for testing and sharing free software, help
making free software more visible in the IT world (you see the point,
I don't know english enough to be precise).

* we may have to buy some proprietary licence (mp3, libcss) if ever
it's mandatory to make our work legal. Working as we do now may be
unpractical at any time soon.

I don't know how to say, may be it's not necessary, that the
foundation (hence his name) is aimed to be a relatively small group
with mostly control, legal and administrative power, not programming
skills or need to include all the community members.

The more difficult part is to manage how to create the first control
organisation of the foundation, because after that the system will be
somewhat closed.

May be we could add somewhere in the bylaws than the openSUSE board is
empowered the role of Foudation control group, but the foundation
direction board can't be elected on a loose way as is the openSUSE
board :-(. May be require 2/3 years with the openSUSE community to be
appointed. We may also very quickly be obliged to hire some lawyers,
secretary, even some room (managing money in may be millions dollars
need cautions, how do Mozilla do?)


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