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Re: [opensuse-foundation] help refine the definition [name]
Le 24/01/2011 04:59, Alan Clark a écrit :

The purpose is from prior discussions, and up for refinement, as
the Foundation portal page points out all this is Drafts and
represents the current state of the discussion.

OK, thanks.

so let's begin with the more obvious. The Foundation name.

I'm not that glad with the "openSUSE" name. Not because I don't like
it, but because several possible problems:

* As I have already read, to be able to keep a copyright, it's
necessary to have the capacity of defend it, including in court. We
wont have this capacity before some time (may be some years), so if we
can't own the name, better not use it;

* openSUSE is now a (well) know Linux distribution. But in fact it's
beginning to be much more. For example a community. I'm not that sure
than an openSUSE community and a foundation can share the same way of
life. The Foundation need very well controlled structure, after all
it's here to make lot of money. Open source community need soft
controls, adaptatives and may be loose, to accomodate all the changes

* finally, there is no need to have the same name, anything somewhat
related is enough ("geeko foundation"?). Ubuntu is driven by
Canonical, until now openSUSE is driven by Novell...


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