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[openFATE 313430] Safe snapper snapshot creation / restoration during boot / shutdown
Feature changed by: Sarah Kriesch (AdaLovelace)
Feature #313430, revision 5
Title: Safe snapper snapshot creation / restoration during boot /

- openSUSE Distribution: New
+ openSUSE Distribution: Done
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: Ivar Nikolaisen (quantumboredom)
Partner organization:

Currently Snapper takes snapshots both when doing system changes using
YaST / Zypper, and also automatically on a schedule. The problem with
these snapshots is that system integrity is not guaranteed (i.e., a
snapshot can be taken while a file is being written, leaving the file
in a corrupted state upon restoring the snapshot).
I propose a mechanism where snapper takes a snapshot upon system
shutdown at a stage where the snapshot can be guaranteed to be
consistent. This could for example be just like a timeline snapshot,
except the description should highlight that it was taken at system
It would also be very nice if it was possible to restore snapshots when
booting (I believe Fedora is already working on something like this),
but perhaps this should be a separate feature request?

Business case (Partner benefit): It is obviously useful to have known-good restore points.
Especially useful for the many users of proprietary display drivers
(even more so if using Tumbleweed!).

+ Discussion:
+ #1: Sarah Kriesch (adalovelace) (2017-06-26 19:40:26)
+ You can restore snapper snaphots during booting. Snapshots after every
+ shutdown would use too much of space on the hard disk.

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