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[openFATE 318085] Yast2 Bad Connection Download Improvement
Feature changed by: Karl Cheng (qantas94heavy)
Feature #318085, revision 4
Title: Yast2 Bad Connection Download Improvement

- openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
+ openSUSE Distribution: Duplicate of #310175
+ Master status: Evaluation by engineering manager
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: John Banister (jbanister)
Partner organization:

As I type this, my other computer has been attempting to perform a
software update. The patch download will get to some random percentage,
usually between 70 and 85, freeze, and restart. This happens over and
over. As my poor 3G data connection is metered, this is both
frustrating and expensive. I assume the freezing happens because either
my computer or the server didn't hear the other, and both are waiting
for the other to speak. I have a few suggestions.
One suggestion is to have Yast count the number of attempts at the
current download and if the count is more than two, switch into a "bad
connection mode."
Another suggestion is that in "bad connection mode," route the download
attempt through the Opera Turbo servers. They seem to be good at
talking to computers that have a bad connection.
Another suggestion is, in "bad connection mode" give the download
protocol extra consideration that, the reason there's been no data
coming in for a while is that your request to continue (or confirmation
of data received) didn't make it back to the server, and repeat the
request. When the transfer starts over just fine, something is
happening correctly that ought to also happen in the middle of the
transfer to correct the situation when it freezes.
Another suggestion is that when a download freezes in "bad connection
mode" (or when the file size is greater than 20 MB), in addition to
"retry," provide a "resume" option that performs a check to see that
the file being downloaded hasn't been updated, and if not, then (unless
it's very small) resumes where it left off instead of starting over.
The Firefox plugin, DownThemAll, is good at this, and it's open source,
so you could copy what they do.
A final suggestion is when there's an Abort in "bad connection mode" to
give an option for Yast to keep the downloaded material and the list of
material to download for a while, against the possibility of another
installation attempt. That way stuff that was downloaded before the
user ran out of time or otherwise gave up doesn't have to be re-
downloaded later on. I know, "Keep Downloaded Packages" is a solution
to this, but this would be "Keep Downloaded Packages that didn't
install yet."
Ok, thanks for taking the time to read and consider these words.
They've been repeating in my mind for a few months, so I thought I
might express them.

+ Relations:
+ - (feature/duplicate: 310175)

Business case (Partner benefit): We want this to show kindness to people with poor, slow
data connections and also to give an impression of improved
reliability, which gives people a good feeling about the product.

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