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[openFATE 309540] Create Saxon9 Package
Feature changed by: Eric Bischoff (e_bischoff)
Feature #309540, revision 8
Title: Create Saxon9 Package

Package Wishlist: New
Requester: Important

Requested by: Thomas Schraitle (thomas-schraitle)
Product Manager: Michael Loeffler (sprudel24)
Partner organization:

Currently we have only Saxon 6.x and Saxon 8.8. It would be useful, if
we could add this package as it is under Mozilla licence.
The latest version brings some bug fixing and some other improvements.

- The XSLT and XQuery Processor (url:
- 41257 (obs/request: 41257)

#1: Pavol Rusnak (prusnak) (2010-05-17 16:16:21)
Saxon 9 is ready in home:lkundrak:IDEA project. Feel free to work on it
and integrate it to any Java devel project (like e.g. Java:packages)

#2: Thomas Schraitle (thomas-schraitle) (2010-05-17 16:20:13) (reply to
Thanks Pavol! :) Strangley, it can not be found through

#3: Thomas Schraitle (thomas-schraitle) (2010-06-08 15:49:52)
I've played a bit around and created several subpackages. You can find
it on
saxon9*.rpm Created submitrequest #41257 for Java:jpackage-1.7

#4: Thomas Schmidt (digitaltomm) (2010-12-17 13:16:02)
The request was declined...

+ #5: Eric Bischoff (e_bischoff) (2016-10-04 18:41:09)
+ Apparently, the request was finally accepted, because saxon9 is
+ available in SLE12. However, there is no version for SLE12 SP1 nor
+ SLE12 SP2. It is annoying, because it is the only XSLT 2.0 processor
+ that we provide (or do we provide another and I missed that?). libxslt
+ is XSLT 1 only. It would be nice to have it back at least for SP3 (and
+ while we're at it, upgraded to version 9.7).
+ Sorry in advance if I missed some point.

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