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[openFATE 320952] OBS doesn't fetch arch-depend sources (Arch Linux)
Feature changed by: Alex Talker (alextalker)
Feature #320952, revision 5
Title: OBS doesn't fetch arch-depend sources (Arch Linux)

Buildservice: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: Alex Talker (alextalker)
Partner organization:

A bit dirty example firefox-aurora
Building of the package crashes since architecture-specified source
files($source_x86_64 and $source_i686) was not fetched before makepkg
was running. But since it's described in PKGBUILD(5)
( , I don't understand
why did you ignore this. This could be also resolved through $CARCH
variable, but since you doesn't provide it too, idk what to do. makepkg
(8) (

Business case (Partner benefit): Because I hope that PKGBUILD's which rely on variables
described in man PKGBUILD must be successful buildable on your

+ Discussion:
+ #1: Alex Talker (alextalker) (2016-06-23 19:19:39)
+ Fixed(except $CARCH)

openSUSE Feature:

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