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[openFATE 320930] Use most as default pager
Feature changed by: Marcelo Junior (marceloatie)
Feature #320930, revision 3
Title: Use most as default pager

Requested by: Steffen Klein (sklein7)
Partner organization:

Use most as default pager
Just one reason out of many: Syntax highlighting in man pages makes
them much more readable.

#1: Stelian Ionescu (sionescu) (2016-06-06 16:20:36)
The same effect can be achieved with less by assigning the correct
values to, and exporting the LESS_TERMCAP_* environment variables in

+ #2: Marcelo Junior (marceloatie) (2016-06-09 17:47:10)
+ I think will be pretty cool man pages with a green scheme.

openSUSE Feature:

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