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[openFATE 320819] DHCPv6-PD - wicked
Feature changed by: Dave Plater (plater)
Feature #320819, revision 5
Title: DHCPv6-PD - wicked

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: James Knott (james_knott)
Partner organization:

With more & more ISPs providing IPv6 via DHCPv6, DHCPv6-PD support is
essential. This is how a router determines the assigned prefix via
DHCP. Later versions of dhcpc support DHCPv6-PD, but wicked apparently

#1: Andrei Borzenkov (arvidjaar) (2016-05-15 07:53:15)
I'm not convinced it belongs to wicked at all. Wicked is responsible
for configuring local interfaces (on local host) while delegated prefix
is really needed to configure remote interfaces (on other hosts). I.e.
the obvious place to query for delegated prefixes would be DHCP or RA
server responsible for configuring hosts on other networks. IOW even if
wicked would query for and somehow expose this information, it still
cannot do anything useful with it. It would either need some hooks to
modify configuration of external programs or external programs would
need to explicitly ask wicked.
As this needs extra code for every DHCP/RA/... server anyway,
DHCP/RA/... server could just query for delegated prefix directly.

+ #2: Dave Plater (plater) (2016-06-07 11:39:17) (reply to #1)
+ Read wicked's README at AFAICS it's
+ purpose is to make openSUSE a plug and play distribution for networking
+ and it has the capability to create the needed hooks.

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