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[openFATE 318123] Put the Trashcan on the Desktop by default
Feature changed by: Roman Bysh (Romanator)
Feature #318123, revision 3
Title: Put the Trashcan on the Desktop by default

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: Code Struct (codeminister)
Partner organization:

Trashcan is often-used feature which users expect to find easily.
Currently one has to add the Trashcan to the desktop manually in a way
that is not quite intuitive for novice users:
I suggest to put the Trashcan on the Desktop by default.
This would save many users from searching the internet for how to add
it. Deleting it when not desired is much easier.

+ Discussion:
+ #1: Roman Bysh (romanator) (2015-11-27 21:07:28)
+ Hopefully with Plasma 5.5 and higher we will see this happen. I would
+ also ask that the default activity setting should be set to Folder
+ View. Here's a shortcut on creating a Trash Bin:
+ 1. Right-click and select Link to Location [URL].. 2. Type: Trash Bin
+ in the File name field 3. Type: trash:/ in the Enter link to location
+ (URL): field 4. Click the OK button

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