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[openFATE 318216] Drop Yast AppArmor
Feature changed by: Lukas Ocilka (locilka)
Feature #318216, revision 5
Title: Drop Yast AppArmor

Requested by: Lukas Ocilka (locilka)
Partner organization:

The current Yast AppArmor configuration tool has been written by
Immunix guys, but nobody understands the technology and even worse,
nobody understands and nobody is able to maintain the current code as
it has been developed in a very strange way in Perl.
We want to drop this module or we will gladly hand it over to anyone.

+ Relations:
+ - (feature/duplicate: 318170)

Business case (Partner benefit): Old unmaintained code, technology is not known in the
Yast team, nobody is able to take care about it.

#1: Per Jessen (pjessen) (2014-12-03 11:44:46)
This is hardly a feature request, wouldn't it be better to offer the
module up for support on e.g. opensuse-factory?

#2: Lukas Ocilka (locilka) (2014-12-03 11:52:36) (reply to #1)
It's a feature request from my POV of a Yast Team Lead (sorry, it has
to go this way internally). I'm offering the ownership in feature

openSUSE Feature:

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