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[openFATE 314857] initrd/LUKS: support allow-discards
Feature changed by: Ralf Krüdewagen (ralfkr)
Feature #314857, revision 8
Title: initrd/LUKS: support allow-discards

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: Tilman Vogel (tivo)
Partner organization:

It would be great if the mkinitrd scripts at could support the "allow-
discards" option in /etc/crypttab.
That would allow to use TRIM on SSDs with LUKS and LVM on the root

#1: Dan Elder (danman21) (2013-09-20 20:33:39)
Redhat had a similar bug but it appears to be resolved now:

#2: Ralf Krüdewagen (ralfkr) (2014-04-17 14:11:46)
I am also looking for this feature. I have tried almost everything now
to enable trimming of a luks device with LVM volumes (boot parameters,
etc.). Even non-root volumes, mounted e.g. on /home, can't be changed
to allow discards.

+ #3: Ralf Krüdewagen (ralfkr) (2014-04-17 14:39:41) (reply to #2)
+ In other words: How can we make openSUSE to work like all other
+ distributions as described here:

openSUSE Feature:

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