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[New: openFATE 317173] Mesa 10.X and LLVM 3.4 for Tumbleweed
Feature added by: Thomas Langkamp (tomtomme)

Feature #317173, revision 1
Title: Mesa 10.X and LLVM 3.4 for Tumbleweed

Requested by: Thomas Langkamp (tomtomme)
Partner organization:

Today Fedora decided to rebase Fedora 20 to Mesa 10.1: It would be great to see Mesa 10.X
in OpenSUSE Tumbleweed. There are already home-repositorys available but
official support is always more desirable / stable. --- What are Mesa and LLVM?
Mesa provides the 3D-accelerated part of OSS graphics drivers. LLVM is in
addition needed for newer AMD Radeon Hardware (most cards released > 2011)
using the radeonSI driver to provide better performance and higher versions of

Use Case:
A better 3D-acceleration / OpenGL is important for fluent Desktop Compositing,
CAD, 3D-Modelling (Blender) and of course gaming on linux which is growing fast
since the release of Valves Steam for Linux. Also OpenCL for scientific stuff
would be improved AFAIK.

Business case (Partner benefit): Tumbleweed is not working well with closed source graphics
drivers due to frequent kernel updates. It is officially suggested to use the
OSS graphics drivers.

The current situation is Mesa 9.2 which is slow compared to 10.X and with
OpenGL 3.1 at max. For radeonSI hardware OpenGL 2.1 at max because of LLVM 3.3.
Since OpenSUSE 13.2 is delayed Tumbleweed could fill the gap. That is what
Tumbleweed was designed for.

openSUSE Feature:

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