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[openFATE 311137] Update of Cyrus imapd to the 2.4.x branch
Feature changed by: Aeneas Jaißle (aeneas_jaissle)
Feature #311137, revision 8
Title: Update of Cyrus imapd to the 2.4.x branch

- Package Wishlist: Implementation
+ Buildservice: Done
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: Urs Mueller (u136401)
Developer: Aeneas Jaißle (aeneas_jaissle)
Partner organization:

It seems that OpenSUSE 11.4 still ships cyrus imapd 2.3.16. The 2.3.16
is listed as "legacy" at the Cyrus-Homepage
( .
Would it be possible/better to change to 2.4.6 (or whatever version
will be recent then)?

#1: Ralf Haferkamp (rhafer) (2011-01-24 14:03:20)
While 2.3.X is listed as legacy, it still receives bugfixes and
updates. Looking at the rapid rate at which new 2.4.X updates were
released lately we decided against updating. We will wait some more
month for it to stabilize. Additionally our 2.3.x packages are using
the autocreate patch, which (as of last week) wasn't available for 2.4
at all. For 11.5 (or whatever comes after 11.4) we will of course re-
evalutate the situation.

#2: Urs Mueller (u136401) (2011-01-24 21:31:44) (reply to #1)
Thank you for sharing your information about that decision. I am ok
with it. You may close that request.

#3: Andreas Jaeger (a_jaeger) (2011-08-30 20:29:24) (reply to #1)
Ralf, what are you going to do for 12.1?

#4: Ralf Haferkamp (rhafer) (2011-08-31 10:43:41) (reply to #3)
I haven't had time to look into cyrus-imapd lately :( . So if nobody
else steps in to update to 2.4.X we'll most likely stay with 2.3.x for
openSUSE 12.1. I am not exactly sure if 2.4.x is just a drop-in
replacement, I'd guess from past experience that updating existing 2.3
setups can get tricky.

#5: Aeneas Jaißle (aeneas_jaissle) (2014-01-27 19:25:02)
Updating and cleaning up the spec right now to 2.4.17. I'll submit it
to server:Kolab:Extras on OBS as cyrus-imapd24 and test it against my
groupware settings. If it works, I'll do a submit to server:mail.
Is that ok with you?

+ #6: Aeneas Jaißle (aeneas_jaissle) (2014-03-11 17:35:31)
+ You can find the updated packages in server:mail and openSUSE:Factory.

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