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[openFATE 313292] [BETA 1] Distributed virtual switch across multiple physical servers (openvswitch)
Feature changed by: Milisav Radmanic (radmanic)
Feature #313292, revision 19
Title: [BETA 1] Distributed virtual switch across multiple physical
servers (openvswitch)

- openSUSE Distribution: Evaluation by engineering manager
+ openSUSE Distribution: Done
Requester: Mandatory

Requested by: Andreas Jaeger (a_jaeger)
Partner organization:

While the current linux bridge tools are a robust and flexible network
stack for (Xen) VM networking, there are some restrictions in multi-
server environments. OpenvSwitch provides
functionality for a distributed virtual switch. Linux 3.3 contains the
kernel part of Open vSwitch.

- openvswitch (feature/copiedfrom: 311429)
- Integration of openvswitch (feature/id: 315206)
- Support for Open vSwitch data plane module (openvswitch.ko)
(feature/id: 315731)

Documentation Impact:
Administration Guide, RN

#2: Milko Simeonov (simeonof) (2012-09-04 18:50:11)
I'd really love to see this included in openSUSE and in SLES. Everybody
who has more than 1 XEN bridge in their network needs this.

#4: Andreas Jaeger (a_jaeger) (2013-09-24 14:39:49)
Could you get the package building for openSUSE (both 13.1 and Factory)
asap, please? Coolo might drop it otherwise ;(

#5: Milisav Radmanic (radmanic) (2013-09-25 16:42:13) (reply to #4)
I can't commit to the openSUSE part since we've reached Beta for 13.1,
but we'll put it on SLE12

+ #7: Milisav Radmanic (radmanic) (2014-02-24 08:53:19) (reply to #6)
+ Yes v2.1 is on SLE 12 - setting as proposed

openSUSE Feature:

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