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[openFATE 314853] Remove xterm and icewm from default installation
Feature changed by: vazha vandan (vazhavandan)
Feature #314853, revision 4
Title: Remove xterm and icewm from default installation

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: Jared Meidal (kahu)
Partner organization:

xterm and icewm are great alternatives, but seem redundant when always
bundled with default installations of Gnome or KDE's terminal (gnome-
terminal, konsole). Also, having the icewm session is a great fallback
and useful for emergency access but really necessary by default? I have
found that if I remove xterm is removed the bundle with icewm, but also
xorg-X11 and other packages. When this happens GDM will not launch
after a reboot without CLI commands.
This does not feel intuitive for a smooth default system, or helpful
for a user who is wanting to clean up their packages or menu items they
do not use.

#1: Michael Catanzaro (golbats_everywhere) (2013-02-17 23:03:49)
At least xterm should definitely not be installed by default.

+ #2: vazha vandan (vazhavandan) (2013-02-24 15:47:35)
+ you mentioned that "icewm session is a great fallback". Why would you
+ remove a fallback GUI from a default installation? On other hand the
+ weird dependency conditions might be removed All these packages occupy
+ only a few of megabytes of HDD space. Just ignore those packages.
+ xterm Size: 2.1 MiB icewm Size: 1012.2 KiB icewm-lite Size: 693.7 KiB
+ If it(xterm) bothers you then you might opt to remove them from
+ application menu.
+ I also find that whenever gnome-terminal,tomboy and other gnome
+ applications don't launch due to some "gconf" daemon issues, xterm does
+ launch.

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