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[New: openFATE 314844] New Package group and focus on applications for public and private Libraries
Feature added by: Timothy Butterworth (timothy_m_butterworth)

Feature #314844, revision 1
Title: New Package group and focus on applications for public and private

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Requester: Important

Requested by: Timothy Butterworth (timothy_m_butterworth)
Partner organization:

All, Please consider looking into a new user area in library management and
automation software. As public libraries have existed for many years with the
goal of bringing knowledge freely to the masses they also need to be up to date
with technology as well. FOSS is a perfect fit as many active FOSS applications
exist and many are being worked on by libraries. This could later become a new
dedicated buisness unit. Here are some links regarding information on FOSS use
in Libraries. I am sure there are many more use cases than
these as I compiled the list above quickly. Here is a good oportunity to expand
the user community, developers and buisness as well. Libraries need a complex
set of applications. It would be a great idea to create a survey to assist in
locating popular software already being used that is spicific to library use
for the new emphasis. Offering value added bundled applications for Integrated
Library Management ILS, as well as other Library Management and Automation such
as more advanced and easy to implement pay for printing services would be a
great way to enter into this world wide market. Also almost all libraries now
offer some degree of KIOSK service. Improving KIOSK management for example
overwriting the home directory from a secure snapshot after use to remove any
previous user data. Of course a good starting point is making the current FOSS
Library specific applications available with a special emphasis by having its
own package group and advertising there availability.

I personally think this should not just be simply merged into the education
spin but it could be added for school library management.

Business case (Partner benefit): To expand FLOSS adoption into available markets that already have
similiar goals. To share knowledge with those who may otherwise may not have
the opportunity to enjoy the privledge of knowledge.

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