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[openFATE 313376] mac like 'open file/url' behaviour
Feature changed by: James Tan (jatan11)
Feature #313376, revision 2
Title: mac like 'open file/url' behaviour

- SUSE Studio: Unconfirmed
+ SUSE Studio: Rejected by James Tan (jatan11)
+ reject reason: This doesn't seem related to Studio.
Requester: Important

Requested by: Cameron Blackwood (drkorg)
Partner organization:

What command opens pdfs (it keeps changing)? tiffs? xls? On mac osx:
open fred.pdf opens a pdf viewer open opens the url
in a browser etc Linux seems to have xdg-open (found via google and
) which wraps the kde/gnome/whatever commands to do this and is
installed on opensuse. Could we get xdg-open aliases to open by
default? Being able to go 'open fred.pdf' and have the correct program
open up would be great for new users. Open seems to currently be 'not
found' and it would seem to make sense to import this feature from osx.

Business case (Partner benefit): open whatever.ext gives you: * simplicity for new (and
old) users * similar ui experience to osx
all for one command line alias.

openSUSE Feature:

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