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[openFATE 306383] Browsing available repositories from YaST level
Feature changed by: Narayansamy S (vazhavandan)
Feature #306383, revision 11
Title: Browsing available repositories from YaST level

openSUSE-11.2: Rejected by Andreas Jaeger (a_jaeger)
reject date: 2009-08-12 14:19:07
reject reason: Not anymore for 11.2.
Requester: Important

openSUSE-11.3: Evaluation by engineering manager
Requester: Important
Projectmanager: Desirable

Requested by: Piotrek Juzwiak (benderbendingrodriguez)
Product Manager: Federico Lucifredi (flucifredi)
Partner organization:

After test driving mandriva i found one idea there really great, you
can browse repositories from the tool used for managing software. It
would be great to have such thing in openSUSE (the community
repositories isn't enough i think).
So instead of browsing for repositories from web browser level we could
browse it from YaST level (include something like novice and advanced
level, the difference would be repositories shown for the end user).

#1: Rémy Marquis (spyhawk) (2009-05-15 17:42:32)
I think this feature is already implemented in last YaST SVN. There is
a new software module "Package search" allowing to look into the BS

#2: Rastislav Krupansky (ra100) (2009-05-27 10:13:45)
And you can use it in 11.1 also. ;-)

#3: Piotrek Juzwiak (benderbendingrodriguez) (2009-05-27 12:28:32)
I don't mean to allow searching for packages, i mean for browsing like
in a file browser where you would see various groups.

#4: Thomas Göttlicher (tgoettlicher) (2011-03-14 15:38:56)
There are plans to create an app store that is related to this feature
request. See:

+ #5: Narayansamy S (vazhavandan) (2013-02-02 04:15:54)
+ similar to

openSUSE Feature:

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