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[openFATE 313441] Easy Upgrade
Feature changed by: Mário Castanheira (SpeccyMan)
Feature #313441, revision 25
Title: Easy Upgrade

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: Mário Castanheira (speccyman)
Partner organization:

An easy way to allow users to make upgrades (e.g.: changing from
version 12.1 to version 12.2) as easy as they can in Ubuntu - using a
Something like a notification whit a button to perform the upgrade whit
just one-click, instead of having to deal whit the work of manually
disable all of the repositories, update them manually, open the
terminal and finally make a "zypper dup" .
Would be good if all this would be automatic (maybe even integrate it
- in Yast, Apper or in the new Software Center).
+ in Yast or in the new Software Center - Apper, apparently, already
+ supports this feature in Ubuntu).

Use Case:
User gets notified that there's a new version of opensuse available and
it is asked if he wishes to upgrade. If he selects "upgrade" the system
should ask for permissions and then start upgrading itself. (pretty
much like in ubuntu). Nothing else required!

Business case (Partner benefit): The benefit for the user is that this feature will
encourage users to keep their distro in it's lastest version, even if
they don't understand much about computers!
This will bring them a greater experience in opensuse since they will
have access to stable and newest features and also many other
It's also because it's something all Ubuntu users keep saying it's one
of their loved features.

#1: Sławomir Lach (lachu) (2012-05-02 22:04:14)
As I remember, there exist a Yast module to do that.

#2: Mário Castanheira (speccyman) (2012-05-02 23:35:32) (reply to #1)
well, if you're referring to YaST Online Update (YOU), as far has i
know, it can't do upgrades unless you manually deactivate some of your
repos and update others to match the repos of the new version. Only
then you can upgrade.
Those manual changes is what this feature is trying to avoid :)

#3: phil osophe (posophe) (2012-10-04 14:41:39)
Yes but there s annother advantage of easy dist-upgrade like ubuntu, it
removes unmaintained anymore packages or replacement packages

#4: Mário Castanheira (speccyman) (2012-10-08 17:12:00) (reply to #3)
I think OpenSuse is already able to do this. I think it's an Yast
Option called "CleanUp when Delecting Packages" (don't know if "System
Verification Mode" has anything to do whit it as well).

#5: Gavin S (gav616) (2012-10-09 16:34:34)
non rolling release distro's always recommend a fresh install mainly
because of changing config files and defaults/philosophy changes.
Rolling distro's try to combat this with automatically re-writing those
files or diff'in them to the user, it's messy. Also how do you
"connect" with the users to remove unmaintained software or "push"
better solutions (new filesystems, better security practices).
I think an awesome idea would be, to some how integrate the New release
DVD installer to the actual Upgrade process (dump it in RAM??). This
could provide an initial backup options for your home folder and
important yast data. Then it could just carry on as a normal DVD
install, offering all the new features, security and up-to-date

#6: Simone Ramacci (simosito) (2012-10-15 12:22:00)
To be honest I was never able to successfully upgrade any Ubuntu
version, that is one of the reasons I switched to OpenSUSE.
I did a dist upgrade to the current version and I had no problems at
all. In fact it also fixed a problem I had with KDE.
As far as I can tell my Ubuntu problems were caused by trying to
upgrade an LTS to a non-LTS, with a distro that radically changes every
10 seconds.
With SUSE we don't usually have this problem, because of the shorter
life cycle and more gradual introduction of new features.
This said, why don't we change the description to something like:
«Allow user to be notified about new distro version, and to upgrade
from graphical tool OR DVD, after choosing whether to back-up
/home/$USER or not»
Thus providing both a (I hope) better version of the Ubuntu way (not
that we always have to do like they do) and Gavin S' way (I think
Windows tries to do that disc approach, but I've never tried).

#7: phil osophe (posophe) (2012-10-18 10:05:18) (reply to #6)
Ubuntu way is not the main subject of this user request but only a
graphical or command line tool whose do what user will make for upgrade
opensuse : Changing Suse repo, zypper up,etc With a cli we can purpose
replacements, remove obsoletes and unmaintained softs. It's difficult
at least to manage the distro because a newer version is a pack of
packages. Then with a update manager we could manage what must be
added, removed...

#8: Mário Castanheira (speccyman) (2012-11-23 20:53:50) (reply to #6)
What i thought was actually what p.o. already said: A graphical tool
that would:
1.Notify there is a new version of OpenSuse, asking if the user wants
to upgrade. 2.If the user accepts it should upgrade all the repos (If
possible. If not leave them deactivated) 3.Make a "zypper dup" 4.And
finally make a computer reboot
This could be integrated into Apper or the new Software Center and
should definitely be integrated into our beloved YAST.

#9: Narayansamy S (vazhavandan) (2012-11-30 18:07:15)
I think users should really come back to and read the
release notes and then visit forums and get clarifications and then
perform upgrade. Blind up gradation may cause lot of issues like
hardware incompatibilities etc..

#10: Mário Castanheira (speccyman) (2012-12-05 14:38:09) (reply to #9)
Well, the notification could also bring the link to the release notes,
where issues could also be listed. ;)
I have been upgrading since the cl feature became available and never
had any issues (which does not mean they are inexistent, just that I
never had problems whit it :)

#11: phil osophe (posophe) (2012-12-06 11:02:26) (reply to #10)
And the team take care for it doesn't append. Why don't simplify the
life of users when we can ?

#12: Lukas Krejza (gryffus) (2013-01-02 14:58:44)
In past there was yast module doing exactly what you request named
"wagon". I wonder what has happened to it and why it has been

#13: Mário Castanheira (speccyman) (2013-01-03 15:30:50) (reply to
Wagon was not abandoned and is still available in OpenSuse software portal
However Wagon is a Migration tool for Service Packs and, as far as i
can tell, it is not designed to do Distro Upgrades. So, it does not do
what is requested (E.g.: it does not automatically updates the repos,
does not notify the user, ...)

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