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[openFATE 312755] Overhaul and simplification of configuration for multilanguage support
Feature changed by: Hendrik Vogelsang (hennevogel)
Feature #312755, revision 4
Title: Overhaul and simplification of configuration for multilanguage

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+ Requester: Desirable

Requested by: Timothy Butterworth (timbutterworth)
Partner organization:

As more and more user's require multilingual support it would be great
if the installer and YaST2 were overhauled to provide this setup with
ease based on the latest available fonts and input managers. Currently
their are some settings like adding a second language available in
YaST2. The Language bar is also useful. It would be really great if
their was a simple way to configure this from install or YaST2 with
support for KDE4 keyboard layouts. Their are a number of problems users
run into currently. First their does not seem to be a good how to
guide. Secondly SKIM/SCIM packages in openSUSE 11.4 do not seem to
support GTK3/QT4. SKIM is still built for KDE3/QT3 and needs to have
QT4 front end tools: language bar/ tray icon / plasma widget and
support for GTK3/QT4 input. Third many users run into issues
configuring the env variables in bash. Fourth ibus - ibus defaults to
GTK. It would be great if two packages existed one compiled for QT4 and
one for GTK3. Fifth uim also has issues and I have not been able to get
it to work with QT4 either. Their are of course many other input
methods as well. It would be great as KDE4 is the default install
choice to have tools setup to work with KDE4 system config, keyboard
layouts for ease of configuration. Also env LANG and LANGUAGE do not
change the local settings in all KDE4 apps and this must be completed
through the KDE4 configure desktop > local configuration tool.
Currently YaST2 local configures the entire system instead of an
individual user. This should be expanded with a means change individual
user accounts as many systems may be used by individuals who's native
language may be different. This would be a great feature for openSUSE
Edu as well. bottom line: input method selection should be simplified
through software wizard or how to guide. SKIM/SCIM need GTK3/QT4
support. The later is available on Ubuntu and has been for quite a
Thank You

#1: Timothy Butterworth (timbutterworth) (2011-08-20 06:50:00)
Some discussions from the openSUSE forum:

#2: Satoru Matsumoto (heliosreds) (2011-08-27 05:47:16)
I can agree with most of what you have pointed out.
However, there are only few who will/can solve the problems and
implement these features ATM. As you can suppose, people who speak
English usually don't care about multilingualization much. That's why
these issues left undone.
If you are interested in multilingual support, I'd appreciate it if you
will subscribe to opensuse-m17n mailinglist and be involved in M17N
project, where people who want to improve m17n support gather. ;-)

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