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[openFATE 307846] Kolab groupware server support by openSUSE
Feature changed by: Richard Bos (rbos)
Feature #307846, revision 19
Title: Kolab groupware server support by openSUSE

openSUSE Distribution: Evaluation by engineering manager
Requester: Desirable

Info Provider: Richard Bos (rbos)
Requested by: Richard Bos (rbos)
Developer: Ralf Lang (ralflangb1)
Partner organization:

Kolab ( is a free and open software groupware
solution. It allows seamless support of mixed clients environments
(Outlook/KDE/Web). The following functionality is provided by kolab;
groupware (free/busy information), email, spam and virus filtering, a
webinterface for the system administrator and end user. The web
interface can be used to add, modify and remove users, domains,
distributions list, shared folders, among other things. Kolab is build
from only open source software, and the data it stores is freely
available by the end user.  This means that if the end user is not
satisfied with the provided service delivered by the service provider,
the end user can retrieve his or her data and move it to somewhere
The Kolab groupware server is assembled with postfix, cyrus, amavis,
openldap, apache among other open source projects.  Due to its design
the kolab server supports multiple domains and thousands of end
users.  Clients that can be used with Kolab groupware server are for
example KDE's kontact, horde, MS Outlook in combination with a
connector. Kolab for openSUSE has been available for a long time
already, but it was always necessary to patch multiple projects to
provide all (groupware) functionality.  Since September 2009, it is
only necessary to extend cyrus with some patches to get the required
functionality.  Hence in order to have Kolab working on openSUSE cyrus
must be patched.  The patched cyrus version can be retrieved from the
build service. Kolab is it worth to be supported by openSUSE as it is
composed of only open source software, it supports thousands of end
users, and very unique end users have full control over all their data
including their groupware information!

#1: Isaac WALULYA (isanel) (2009-10-30 17:58:49)
HI all,
I have installed kolab and successfully started all services  but i can
not add a user.
When i try to add a user (first name: Isaac Nelson Last Name:
Walulya  trial ) , i get the error message:
" LDAP Error: could not add object cn=Isaac Nelson Walulya,dc=mydomain,
dc=com: Invalid syntax
What i am i doing wrong ?
Please help.

#2: Richard Bos (rbos) (2009-11-07 15:17:16)
Hello Isaac, please do not (mis)use this feature request as
bugreport.  Look up the packager in one of the kolab rpms (use rpm -q --
changelog <pkg>) and inform the packagere.  This is also explained in
the warning box at  Thank you.

#3: Satoru Matsumoto (heliosreds) (2010-12-20 14:34:48)
Since openSUSE 11.3 has been already released, I've changed the target
product from 11.3 to distribution.
And, please explain this feature much more clearly onece again, because
it's goal is unclear. Is it only about adding a patch to cyrus?

#4: Richard Bos (rbos) (2010-12-20 14:52:30) (reply to #3)
This is about adding Kolab to openSUSE or at least make that as easy as
possible. Kolab consist of several servers (openldap, apache, postfix,
etc). Most of these can be used as provided by the openSUSE
distribution, but cyrus. The latter must be patched to be able to use
with Kolab. It would be great if openSUSE would ship cyrus with the
Kolab applied to it. That is one thing. Besides this Kolab requirs many
more packages, mainly php-pear or php-horde packages. These packages
should be provided by packagers that maintain the server:php:
applications repository.
I used to maintain Kolab, but due to time constraints, I no longer
provide Kolab for openSUSE. Others should do the work now to make Kolab
available for openSUSE.

#5: Ralf Lang (ralflangb1) (2011-05-15 15:04:57) (reply to #4)
I've packaged most of horde4 now and met Gunnar Wrobel this weekend,
who did a lot of horde's kolab support. I can look at this once kolab
changes to use horde4 instead of horde3. I won't support the kolab-
patched horde3 libraries though.

#8: Andreas Jaeger (a_jaeger) (2011-07-18 14:27:09) (reply to #5)
Ralf, thanks. Whenever kolab is fine, go ahead and push packages to

#6: Bruno Friedmann (bruno_friedmann) (2011-05-20 15:05:48)
Hey Ralf that's good news. I've also seen they perhaps will go to
roundcube (would be better in my opinion). Anyway I add my vote for
that, and really have a big interrest to see Kolab again easy for
I'm in the process to assemble all documentations needed and give it a
new try or restart. I hope Richard will be able to help me a bit on

#7: Richard Bos (rbos) (2011-05-22 10:34:10) (reply to #6)
Bruno, Ralf knows a lot about the OBS and there is the buildservice
emaillist too. For sure you will get the help you need. Richard

#9: Ralf Lang (ralflangb1) (2011-09-02 15:56:42) (reply to #6)
How are you proceeding with the docs?

+ #10: Richard Bos (rbos) (2012-05-13 21:35:43)
+ Kolab released an intermediate version (2.4), that is build with native
+ packages only.
+ A CentOS installation guide can be found at:
+ The RPM sources are in
+ ( git repositories, and the relevant
+ packages are listed in
+ /el6/development/SRPMS/ (
+ /el6/development/SRPMS/) kolab-fbview seems overdone, as it contains a
+ whole horde installation. # find kolab-conf kolab-imap kolab-mta kolab-
+ webadmin kolab-z-push roundcubemail-plugins-kolab kolab-community-
+ release kolab-ldap kolab-schema kolab-webclient pykolab -type f kolab-
+ conf/kolab-conf.spec kolab-conf/README kolab-imap/kolab-imap.spec kolab-
+ imap/README kolab-mta/kolab-mta.spec kolab-mta/README kolab-
+ webadmin/0002-Extract-reading-configuration-file-to-a-different-fu.
+ patch kolab-webadmin/0004-Bug-704-Cannot-override-auto_form_field-
+ values.patch kolab-webadmin/kolab-webadmin.spec kolab-webadmin/kolab-
+ webadmin-2.4.0.tar.gz kolab-webadmin/0001-Make-sure-the-secondary-mail-
+ addresses-are-unique-to.patch kolab-webadmin/0003-Ensure-any-primary-
+ email-addresses-are-not-included-.patch kolab-webadmin/0005-Add-more-
+ complex-but-more-suitable-default-SQL-file-.patch kolab-z-push/kolab.
+ php-correct-namespaces kolab-z-push/kolab-z-push.spec kolab-z-
+ push/kolab-z-push-0.7.5.tar.bz2 roundcubemail-plugins-kolab/horde_cache.
+ sql roundcubemail-plugins-kolab/roundcube-plugins-kolab-0.7.1.tar.gz
+ roundcubemail-plugins-kolab/kolab_logo.png roundcubemail-plugins-
+ kolab/roundcubemail-plugins-kolab.spec kolab-community-release/kolab-
+ repository-template.repo.tpl kolab-community-release/kolab-community-
+ release.spec kolab-ldap/kolab-ldap.spec kolab-ldap/README kolab-
+ schema/kolab-schema-2.4.tar.gz kolab-schema/kolab-schema.spec kolab-
+ webclient/README kolab-webclient/kolab-webclient.spec pykolab/pykolab-
+ 0.4.0.tar.gz pykolab/pykolab.spec Number of lines in the spec files; 33
+ kolab-schema/kolab-schema.spec 37 kolab-conf/kolab-conf.spec 37 kolab-
+ imap/kolab-imap.spec 44 kolab-ldap/kolab-ldap.spec 45 kolab-mta/kolab-
+ mta.spec 47 kolab-webclient/kolab-webclient.spec 75 kolab-
+ webadmin/kolab-webadmin.spec 125 kolab-z-push/kolab-z-push.spec 125
+ roundcubemail-plugins-kolab/roundcubemail-plugins-kolab.spec 227 kolab-
+ community-release/kolab-community-release.spec 346 pykolab/pykolab.spec
+ It would be nice if someone can pick up, the challenge to make rpms for
+ it.

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