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[openFATE 313457] IP address management options for duplicate IP detection
Feature changed by: phanisvara das (phanisvara)
Feature #313457, revision 8
Title: IP address management options for duplicate IP detection

Buildservice: Unconfirmed
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: Chris Randles (chrisrandles)
Partner organization:

If serverA has IP Address and is powered down, and serverB
is configured with the same IP address, then when both serverA and B
are running there can be issues. While, admittedly, this is an
Administrative issue, the customer would like to see a way to do one of
the following: 1. If, when the network is coming up, the ip address is
bound already on another box, prevent this server from loading/binding
the configured IP address (although I can see this as a security
issue). 2. Bind a default address 3. Get a DHCP address and once the
system is up email the admin with the problem

#1: phanisvara das (phanisvara) (2012-05-08 21:21:22)
now this sounds like a really weird idea to me. i must admit that i'm
not network guru, but i definitely want to know which machien has which
IP address, without having to check further into the filesystem, or
and what's the need to configure two machines with the same IP? this
goes completely against whatever little i've understood about

#2: Chris Randles (chrisrandles) (2012-05-12 03:48:57) (reply to #1)
Well, it may seam weird but there is logic to it and this is being
requested by a SuSE customer so we need to give it credence. Nobody is
suggesting that anybody would want to use the same IP address twice.
This enhancement request is to give you options as to how a server
should behave as it's booting and it detects that the IP address it's
been configured to use is already active on another device.
To me, this seams a reasonable request and useful functionality.
Do you know what happens when 2 machines are brought up with same
address - you get 'bouncing'. Because of router behavior trying to deal
with 2 devices with the same address, first one device can
transmit/receive, then it cant whilst the second device can
transmit/receive etc etc etc

+ #3: phanisvara das (phanisvara) (2012-05-12 07:20:23) (reply to #2)
+ i know what happens if two machines have the same IP, that's why i
+ would use DHCP in such a case. but as i said, i'm no network guru and
+ don't know about your customer's needs either, so i'm taking my
+ negative vote out again. good luck...

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