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[openFATE 308243] Add Koha to openSUSE
Feature changed by: Andi Sugandi (andisugandi)
Feature #308243, revision 12
Title: Add Koha to openSUSE

Package Wishlist: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: Andi Sugandi (andisugandi)
Requested by: Glenn Doig (doiggl)
Partner organization:

Adding Koha (package) to openSUSE will be awesome feature and
advantages so librarians can also have opportunity to use openSUSE
Koha is a full-featured open-source ILS:
( ,
(software) ( .

#1: phanisvara das (phanisvara) (2012-04-21 06:23:32)
+1 KOHA is a bit messy to install from scratch with all it's
dependencies. for that reason i'm running debian on a server that might
be openSUSE instead. debian have KOHA in their repos for a long time,
and it's much easier to use & maintain than manually installing
everything via CPAN, etc.

#2: Andi Sugandi (andisugandi) (2012-04-21 11:28:17) (reply to #1)
I already figure out an easy install of Koha on openSUSE 12.1:

So now there will be easier for maintainers to package Koha on OBS.

#3: Lars Vogdt (lrupp) (2012-04-26 00:41:10)
What about using the already available package
as base for your experiments?
Simply login, create a branch of the package, do your changes to bring
that package into a good shape and submit your changes back. Everything
you need for this is described in the openSUSE wiki.
...or, if you think you need some help: just start asking the packagers
who to help to improve the quality of that package. It might be that
they are answering direct questions. ;-)

#4: Andi Sugandi (andisugandi) (2012-05-07 15:17:12) (reply to #3)
Yes.. :)
In my experience and told in the blog post
we still need perl-DBD-SQLite2
&lang=en&exclude_debug=true) and perl-PDF-API2-Simple
&lang=en&exclude_debug=true) packages for Koha 3.6.4 or 3.8 to get
install. Unfortunately those two perl modules packages are not
available yet on Open Build Service.
I'm not familiar yet on building perl modules packages in OBS, so
hopefully other contributors will do this task.. :)

+ #5: Andi Sugandi (andisugandi) (2012-05-11 06:56:41) (reply to #3)
+ Hi Lars Vogdt,
+ Awesome! Now there is only one package left (perl-DBD-SQLite2) for Koha
+ to get built on OBS.. :)
+ Thank you very much for providing perl-PDF-API2-Simple on OBS:
+ Really exciting for getting involved on it. I also update the blog post about
+ it:
+ Thanks.

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