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[openFATE 308243] Add Koha to openSUSE
Feature changed by: Andi Sugandi (andisugandi)
Feature #308243, revision 11
Title: Add Koha to openSUSE

Package Wishlist: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: Andi Sugandi (andisugandi)
Requested by: Glenn Doig (doiggl)
Partner organization:

Adding Koha (package) to openSUSE will be awesome feature and
advantages so librarians can also have opportunity to use openSUSE
Koha is a full-featured open-source ILS:
( ,
(software) ( .

#1: phanisvara das (phanisvara) (2012-04-21 06:23:32)
+1 KOHA is a bit messy to install from scratch with all it's
dependencies. for that reason i'm running debian on a server that might
be openSUSE instead. debian have KOHA in their repos for a long time,
and it's much easier to use & maintain than manually installing
everything via CPAN, etc.

#2: Andi Sugandi (andisugandi) (2012-04-21 11:28:17) (reply to #1)
I already figure out an easy install of Koha on openSUSE 12.1:

So now there will be easier for maintainers to package Koha on OBS.

#3: Lars Vogdt (lrupp) (2012-04-26 00:41:10)
What about using the already available package
as base for your experiments?
Simply login, create a branch of the package, do your changes to bring
that package into a good shape and submit your changes back. Everything
you need for this is described in the openSUSE wiki.
...or, if you think you need some help: just start asking the packagers
who to help to improve the quality of that package. It might be that
they are answering direct questions. ;-)

+ #4: Andi Sugandi (andisugandi) (2012-05-07 15:17:12) (reply to #3)
+ Yes.. :)
+ In my experience and told in the blog post
+ we still need perl-DBD-SQLite2
+ &lang=en&exclude_debug=true) and perl-PDF-API2-Simple
+ &lang=en&exclude_debug=true) packages for Koha 3.6.4 or 3.8 to get
+ install. Unfortunately those two perl modules packages are not
+ available yet on Open Build Service.
+ I'm not familiar yet on building perl modules packages in OBS, so
+ hopefully other contributors will do this task.. :)

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