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[openFATE 313441] Easy Upgrade
Feature changed by: Mário Castanheira (SpeccyMan)
Feature #313441, revision 3
Title: Easy Upgrade

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: Mário Castanheira (speccyman)
Partner organization:

An easy way to allow users to make upgrades (e.g.: changing from
version 12.1 to version 12.2) as easy as they can in Ubuntu. Something
like one-click, instead of having to deal whit the work of disable and
update of the repositories manually.
Would be good if all this would be automatic and maybe even integrated
it into the new Software Center.

Use Case:
User gets notified that there's a new version of opensuse available and
it is asked if he wishes to upgarde. If he selects "upgrade" the system
should ask for permissions and then start upgrading itself. (pretty
much like in ubuntu). Nothing else required!

Business case (Partner benefit): Because it will invite users to keep their distro in it's
last version, even if they don't understand much about computers!
And because it's something all Ubuntu users keep saying it's one of
their loved features.

#1: Sławomir Lach (lachu) (2012-05-02 22:04:14)
As I remember, there exist a Yast module to do that.

+ #2: Mário Castanheira (speccyman) (2012-05-02 23:35:32) (reply to #1)
+ well, if you're referring to YaST Online Update (YOU), as far has i
+ know, it can't do upgrades unless you manually deactivate some of your
+ repos and update others to match the repos of the new version. Only
+ then you can upgrade.
+ Those manual changes is what this feature is trying to avoid :)

openSUSE Feature:

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