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[openFATE 312836] gnome-app-store
Feature changed by: Jedi Beeftrix (Jedibeeftrix)
Feature #312836, revision 12
Title: gnome-app-store

Hackweek VII: Implementation
Requester: Important

Requested by: David Liang (dliang)
Partner organization:

following the ocs standard written an gnome-shell-extension to make a
real gnome application store

#1: Jedi Beeftrix (jedibeeftrix) (2011-09-27 13:54:43)
wasn't the ubuntu software centre front-end ported to opensuse as a
GSOC project?

#2: David Liang (dliang) (2011-09-29 09:07:37) (reply to #1)
We plan to develop a store better integrate with gnome-shell.

#3: Jedi Beeftrix (jedibeeftrix) (2011-09-29 10:52:09) (reply to #2)
ah cheers,
is this something targeted at a later release than 12.1?

#4: Kenny Wang (kenny_lei) (2011-09-29 11:20:39) (reply to #3)
We are hoping so, however, since it's still under developing and it may
need lots of discussion for the features, so there is no plan about
adding it to next release..

#5: Jedi Beeftrix (jedibeeftrix) (2012-01-18 13:22:03) (reply to #4)
how is 12.2 looking?

#6: David Liang (dliang) (2012-01-30 10:32:12) (reply to #5)
Sorry for reply late, just back from vacation. The process is slower
than my expectation. Making a good look ui cost a lot of time and still
it is not good enough.
Besides this, the main problem I met is how to 'download' the app
smoothly. The standard I use (ocs) provide a download link, the user
need to do more 'click'.

+ #7: Jedi Beeftrix (jedibeeftrix) (2012-01-31 11:41:52) (reply to #6)
+ thanks, fingers crossed for 12.2. :)

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