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[openFATE 313179] Better GUI for ENABLE_SYSRQ
Feature changed by: Christopher Yeleighton (yecril71pl)
Feature #313179, revision 2
Title: Better GUI for ENABLE_SYSRQ

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: Thomas Schmidt (digitaltomm)
Partner organization:

Currently, YaST2 allows to specify a number for sysconfig kernel
ENABLE_SYSRQ. It should provide check boxes for individual flags
instead. In the mean time, The following script will unscramble the
current setting: let R="$(</proc/sys/kernel/sysrq)" if let R==1 then
echo all else for K in logging keyboard dumps sync remount signalling
reboot nicing do let '(R>>=1)&1' && echo $K done fi The following code
will print the default setting:
let L=2 'K=L<<1' 'D=K<<1' 'C=D<<1' 'M=C<<1' 'G=M<<1' 'B=G<<1' 'N=B<<1'
'R=C|M|B' echo $R

+ Relations:
+ - Better GUI for ENABLE_SYSRQ (feature/duplicate: 313173)
+ - Cannot create a new feature in Konqueror (WebKit)
+ (novell/bugzilla/id:

Use Case:
The operator observes that the system becomes unresponsive because a
process (such as gdb, which can easily slip out of control) is using
too much RAM. The X server is not responding because of that. The
operator wants to configure the kernel so that it can use the keyboard
shortcut [Alt SysRq F] to kill the memory hog.
Why:: Because manual scrambling and unscrambling is inconvenient.
Manual killing of excessive processes is easier than restarting the
whole system by means of [Ctrl Alt F1] [Ctrl Alt Delete], and may save
the operator some data loss.

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