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[openFATE 311077] Themeing (SuSE-Elegant?)
Feature changed by: William MacKay (foobaz)
Feature #311077, revision 6
Title: Themeing (SuSE-Elegant?)

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: Steffen Klein (sklein7)
Partner organization:

Hi What about changing the Default-Theme to SuSE-Elegant from Cristian
Rodriguez? See + the
there mentioned links for the look. At least providing a package for
simple change of the various grub/boot/kdm/kde-screens would be neat.
Regards, Steffen

Business case (Partner benefit): It might be a matter of taste, but I think it looks way
cooler and more modern than the default greenish look while still
providing a SuSE-specific style.

#1: Daniel Lee (erget) (2011-01-19 15:31:38)
I also have switched my 11.3 theme to SuSE-Elegant, destroying my
system's ability to boot in the process. Now everything runs fine with
it and it boots great, but it would be cool to have it as a default
option or at least make it easier to configure.
And when we're at it, a higher resolution version of the boot screen
would be cool. I use a big screen. The GRUB loader from SuSE-Elegant
fills the screen, but the subsequent screens are all in a lower
resolution, which looks pretty bad until I've logged in.

#2: Damien Radtke (kog13) (2011-08-24 21:00:50)
Is the boot splash really dependent on the desktop environment? It
looks great, but I'm using GNOME. Maybe I'll try messing with it later
and see what I can come up with.

+ #3: William MacKay (foobaz) (2012-01-26 07:56:17)
+ I updated the SuSE-Elegant theme to support far more resolutions, and
+ fixed aspect ratio problems at several resolutions. Please consider
+ using my variation of the theme. You can find it at:
+ (

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