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[openFATE 312489] Add an APPLICATIONS view in YaST's Software Manager
Feature changed by: Mindaugas Baranauskas (embar-)
Feature #312489, revision 13
- Title: Search for GUI applications in YaST
+ Title: Add an APPLICATIONS view in YaST's Software Manager

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: Mindaugas Baranauskas (embar-)
Partner organization:

Now YaST's Software Management module allows users to see mixed
packages (e.g.: applications, libraries, extensions for programs,
etc...). For new users, an extra filter/view that would show ONLY
Applications (programs with GUI) would make this module's interface a
lot more user-friendly.
The process of filtering could be based on searching for
/usr/share/applications/*.desktop in RPM.
(Maybe additionally: extract icons, related to *.desktop files)

Business case (Partner benefit): For new users, this would make YaST and software
installation/remove/update a lot more friendly, since they would only
have to choose the application they desire.
This could also help the user, once he feels comfortable whit this
Yast's filter/view, to, gradually, start exploring the other Yast
options and even losing the fear of the package concept.
(Advanced users would retain all the control they now have)

#1: Mário Castanheira (speccyman) (2011-12-14 00:48:16)
If i get you right what you want is an option in YaST's Software
Management module that allows it to show ONLY Applications (hidding all
other packages, libraries, extensions and so on), right?

#2: Mindaugas Baranauskas (embar-) (2011-12-14 14:30:14) (reply to #1)
Yes, you are right.

#3: Mário Castanheira (speccyman) (2011-12-15 02:55:56) (reply to #2)
I think i enhanced your description... Please see if you agree whit it

#4: Andres Silva (anditosan) (2011-12-28 23:25:04)
Do you guys need a mockup for this? I could create one. Tell me what
you have in mind and I can make it a picture. I have been working on a
gui review for Yast for a while now.

#5: Mário Castanheira (speccyman) (2011-12-30 17:30:45) (reply to #4)
One idea is to have a new tab (like the Search tab, for example) that
allows to search and show only Applications (it could have Icons,
reviews and images, but all this is secondary! For a start a filter
that shows only Apps would work just fine).
Another one is to have an "Show only applications" option on the Search
However this is just an idea of mine, don't really know what the M.B.
had in mind. Anyway, more concepts are always welcome. :)

#6: Mário Castanheira (speccyman) (2012-01-11 15:50:05)
I purpose changing the title to "Add an APPLICATIONS view in YaST's
Software Manager"
I think it will allow viewers to understand better the Feature Request.
Anyone against it? (I'm asking this because it's not "my feature")

+ #7: Mindaugas Baranauskas (embar-) (2012-01-11 18:53:50)
+ This is just idea and we are community. I think your title could be
+ more precise.

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