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[openFATE 313035] Invent Consistent Font Naming Schema
Feature changed by: Thomas Schraitle (thomas-schraitle)
Feature #313035, revision 10
Title: Invent Consistent Font Naming Schema

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: Thomas Schraitle (thomas-schraitle)
Partner organization:

+ Current State
Currently, our package names for fonts are suboptimal. Here are some
- farsifonts fonts-arabic freefont gnu-unifont indic-fonts intlfonts-ttf
+ farsifonts
+ fonts-arabic
+ freefont
+ gnu-unifont
+ indic-fonts
+ intlfonts-ttf

From a usability perspective, it would be better to make a consistent
naming schema for font packages. Naming schemas from other
* Ubuntu: prefix with "ttf-"
* Fedora: suffix with "-fonts"
With the above inconcistency, popular fonts like LinuxLibertine or
dejavu cannot be found.
Please document any decisions in the Package Guidelines regarding how
to name our fonts correctly and consistently.
+ Ideas
+ Taken from the opensuse-packaging mailinglist:
+ * Renamed packages should contain a Provides+Obsoletes keyword in their
+ SPEC file
+ * Renamed packages should contain their Ubuntu name in Provides. For
+ example: Name: roboto-fonts, Provides:ttf-roboto

- Package Guidelines (url:
- Old Wiki Page for Font Package Layout (url:
- Ubuntu Font Package List (url:
- Fedora Font Package List (url:*-fonts*?_csrf_token=b2721571e462ba9a4dbb87068cad45089ec9dc43)
- - 313037 (feature/duplicate: 313037)

Business case (Partner benefit): The benefits:
* Consistency: easier to find, easier to install
* Usability: better to memorize and therefor easier to find
* Migration: Users from other distributions find their fonts easier

#1: Michael Foerster (yamaban) (2011-12-01 00:22:29)
A suffix *-font(s) would be a good start. Yes, that would include ALL
fonts, but for the details (e.g: vector/woff/ttf/otf/t1/bitmap) there's
also the description field. (see "zypper se" or A prefix ttf- / otf- / t1- could
be added or not, even at a later date.
Maybe even gatter all fonts in a 'devel' repo, to give them a central

#2: Jan Engelhardt (jengelh) (2011-12-01 00:31:14)
>Currently, our package names for fonts are suboptimal. Well, the
package name usually follows the upstream project name. >Ubuntu: prefix
with "ttf-" Hah, something only Ubuntu could have come up with. As if
everything was ttf. >Fedora: suffix with "-fonts" unifont-fonts sounds
kinda weird and redundant.
I would argue that is precisely what RPM groups are for. Search in the
System/X11/Fonts category and voilĂ .

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