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[openFATE 311297] Get rid of SuSEconfig.groff
Feature changed by: Karl Eichwalder (keichwa)
Feature #311297, revision 23
Title: Get rid of SuSEconfig.groff

openSUSE Distribution: Done
Requester: Mandatory
Projectmanager: Mandatory

Requested by: Michal Svec (msvec)
Product Manager: (Novell)
Project Manager: (Novell)
Engineering Manager: (Novell)
Documentation Editor: (Novell)
Partner organization:

There is no point to run that code after installation of every package
(and it's not run when you use zypper or 3rd party tools anyways).
Possible solutions:
1) Fix groff to respect locale settings (LC_PAPER); ideal solution.
2) Add that code to yast2 language (write things during installation
and whenever the user changes it later); should be easy to do.
3) Drop SuSEconfig.groff without replacement; unclear consequences.
4) Add that code to yast2 language (write things only during
installation), based on comment #1.
I would vote for 1, as it's a proper solution. If not doable or not
doable with a reasonable effort let's at least do 2.

#1: Thorsten Kukuk (kukuk) (2011-02-15 13:24:41)
Option 1 is for various reason no option.
My proposal is based on 2: YaST2 should write /etc/papersize during
installation, and only there. Rewriting it later is a bad idea, since
the admin could have choosen to change the default.

#2: Michal Svec (msvec) (2011-02-15 13:35:25) (reply to #1)
Can you elaborate why is 1 not an option? Regarding your proposal it is
now changed everytime a new package is installed (unless turned off in
sysconfig), so I don't think it would hurt to update it from YaST, but
I am fine with both options.

#3: Thorsten Kukuk (kukuk) (2011-02-15 13:38:13) (reply to #2)
Read the code, the file is not changed if the administrator has
modified it.

#4: Michal Svec (msvec) (2011-02-15 13:43:49) (reply to #3)
OK. And why is 1 not an option?

#5: Thorsten Kukuk (kukuk) (2011-02-15 13:49:28) (reply to #4)
You don't want to have that code in YaST2, this gives only surprises
and is a support nightmare, if YaST2 sometimes changes the config and
sometimes not.

#6: Michal Svec (msvec) (2011-02-15 14:04:44) (reply to #5)
That is clear. I wonder why we cannot go with option 1 (fix groff).

#7: Thorsten Kukuk (kukuk) (2011-02-15 14:07:59) (reply to #6)
Sorry, misunderstoood. We cannot fix groff because it is not broken.
groff has a config file, and that should be honoured. I for example
don't want letter output only because I prefer an english locale.

#8: Michal Svec (msvec) (2011-02-15 14:11:18) (reply to #7)
I would expect you to set LC_PAPER correctly then. But anyways, I can
live with option 4.

#9: Michal Vyskocil (mvyskocil) (2011-02-15 14:21:42) (reply to #3)
SuSEconfig.groff in sle-11-sp1 version overwrites the /etc/papersize
everytime - see bnc#644467
( . The fix is easy
(I assume the check_md5_and_move is in SLE-11-SP1). So in case you
decided to stay with this script, this bug should be fixed.

#11: Thorsten Kukuk (kukuk) (2011-05-18 10:09:45)
For openSUSE: We can break with everything, so I suggest to remove the
SuSEconfig.groff file completly without replacement.
Background: groff does not read this file by default, you have to
specify it on the command line.
For SLE11 SP2 this is not an option, since we don't know if there
aren't scripts using that option and expecting that the file exists.

#12: Michal Vyskocil (mvyskocil) (2011-06-28 09:17:18) (reply to #11)
Removed together with 1.21 update - sent to Factory by request 74706.
Marked as done for openSUSE and SLE-12.

Release Notes: groff: /etc/papersize No Longer Depends on sysconfig

- /etc/papersize no longer inherits settings from /etc/sysconfig/language
- when running SuSEconfig.
+ /etc/papersize no longer inherits settings from
+ /etc/sysconfig/language when running SuSEconfig.

Set /etc/papersize directly, e.g.:
echo "letter" > /etc/papersize

For details, see man 5 groff_font ('papersize string').

openSUSE Feature:

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