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[openFATE 312544] Add ntfs to /etc/filesystems
Feature changed by: Thomas Lodewick (JBScoutBerlin)
Feature #312544, revision 3
Title: Add ntfs to /etc/filesystems

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: Christian Wansart (ctwx)
Partner organization:

Hi there, since I still have a ntfs partition to easily share files
between Windows and Linux, I had problems mounting the ntfs partition
through Dolphin. First I had to add "ntfs" to /etc/filesystems to make
it work with Dolphin. However, for me, it is no problem to add this
line. But I have a few colleagues with now run openSUSE as well, who
have no desire to manually change config files. However, they had to,
to get their ntfs partition, in their case an external hard drive,
running. I'd really prefer if this line could be added to the
/etc/filesystems file.
Thank you.

#1: Bryan Alberto Baron Chinchilla (bachinchi) (2011-06-25 21:48:14)
Editing config files is really annoying!

+ #2: Thomas Lodewick (jbscoutberlin) (2011-06-25 22:55:14)
+ this is a bug in the udisk package and has already reported. will be
+ fixed hopefully in one or another update of the udisk package.

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