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[openFATE 308496] Include OpenShot Video Editor
Feature changed by: 6tr6tr 6tr6tr (6tr6tr)
Feature #308496, revision 15
Title: Include OpenShot Video Editor

Package Wishlist: Unconfirmed
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: Karl Fischer (karlfischer)
Partner organization:

OpenShot is a Open source, Non Linear video editor, I believe that
openSUSE 11.3 will benefit greatly to a such a Video Editor.

Business case (Partner benefit): Making openSUSE a better MultiMedia desktop, having Gimp,
Inkscape and Banshee this would be a very complementary.

#1: belal mandurah (belal_mandurah) (2009-12-09 11:28:26)
Seriously asking , which one is better? openshot or
1- PiTiVi
4-open movie editor

#2: scott frame (sirscott43) (2009-12-23 10:04:20)
 I like the looks of Openshot

#3: Karl Fischer (karlfischer) (2009-12-23 10:33:01)
I think OpenShot is more intuitive

#4: belal mandurah (belal_mandurah) (2009-12-30 06:32:49)
If we are looking for looks, then I like Openshot for kde and PiTiVi
for Gnome.

#5: Karl Fischer (karlfischer) (2010-01-06 08:28:10)
OpenShot for GNOME and Kdenlive for KDE

#6: Drew Kwashnak (dragonbite) (2010-01-08 17:32:33)
If OpenShot includes capturing then it is a 1:1 comparison over
Kdenlive and puts it above PiTiVi.
6-Kino (

#7: Markus K (kamikazow) (2010-01-12 02:47:27)
By include do you mean offer it in the repos of ship it by default?
Put it in the repos: Sure, why not?
Be part of the default install: No.

#8: Karl Fischer (karlfischer) (2010-01-13 17:15:05)
I guess if it's in the repo's it would be cool!

#9: Jared Meidal (kahu) (2011-02-24 01:17:51)
OpenShot is improving vastly with version 1.3 out now. I really would
like to see this in the standard OpenSUSE repos.

+ #10: 6tr6tr 6tr6tr (6tr6tr) (2011-06-23 17:09:47)
+ Definitely need to include this out of the box!

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