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[openFATE 310365] Light CD (LXDE) for older computers
Feature changed by: Alexander Mityunin (xandry)
Feature #310365, revision 4
Title: Light CD (LXDE) for older computers

openSUSE-11.4: Implementation
Requester: Important

Requested by: Anomyous Anomyous (jcat123)
Developer: andrea florio (anubisg1)
Partner organization:

A "Light CD" of openSUSE would be excellent for older computers. It
would be a CD with LXDE, OpenOffice, the SUSE Base system, Test-Install
YaST, and some basic tools. With this CD, older computers would be able
to run openSUSE at a reasonable speed, have YaST and openSUSE community
support\updates, legacy drivers, and some basic tools. With this CD
edition avalible for download, you could have openSUSE on every old

#1: andrea florio (anubisg1) (2010-08-23 17:27:28)
lxde livce cd (that you can install and eventually copy to a usb
pendrive as well) is already available

#2: Thomas Schmidt (digitaltomm) (2010-12-20 17:06:02) (reply to #1)
Will you create a lxde livecd for 11.4, too?

+ #3: Alexander Mityunin (xandry) (2011-06-13 17:04:56) (reply to #2)
+ Latest builds based on 11.4

openSUSE Feature:

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