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[openFATE 312274] Customise generated filename from tar_scm service
Feature changed by: Johannes Obermayr (jobermayr)
Feature #312274, revision 6
Title: Customise generated filename from tar_scm service

Buildservice: Unconfirmed
Requester: Desirable

Info Provider: Adrian Schroeter (3rd-party)
Requested by: Torgny Nyblom (tnyblom)
- Developer: Johannes Obermayr (jobermayr)
Partner organization:

When the tar_scm source service is generating the filename and the
versionprefix is used I would like the possibility to customize the
format of the generated timestamp and the separator between the version
and the timestamp.
/Regards Torgny

Business case (Partner benefit): Currently my personal reason is that the KDE:Unstable:SC
repo is using version on the form 4.6.41_YYYYMMMDDD and to be able to
use my own packages and have these coexist nicely I need to generate
the same version pattern.

#1: Johannes Obermayr (jobermayr) (2011-04-24 01:38:35)
I already did it for git with following possibilities: _RELATIVE
(current situation) _DATE (YYYYmmdd) _DATETIME (YYYYmmddHHMM)
It is a new source service (scm_git) which stores cloned git
repositories only once (e.g. $ADRIAN_MUST_TELL_ME_THE_PATH/git.kde.
org_amarok), extracts the results to tar.bz2 (via git archive $BRANCH
$FILES --prefix=$FILENAME{-$VERSION} | bzip2 --best >$PROJDIR/$FILENAME
{-$VERSION}.tar.bz2 and it can update the version directly. It also
handles submodules and creates only one super tarball (strigi). The
benefit is also that branches have not to do the update manually but it
will be pulled from branched package.
I will publish it when I got $ADRIAN_MUST_TELL_ME_THE_PATH and then I
will also do a second source service (scm_kde_l10n) which can create
snapshots of main l10n tarballs and tarballs for packages in KDE:

#2: Johannes Obermayr (jobermayr) (2011-05-07 15:27:15)
I just want to mention it successfully runs on Packman.
If you want it on please force Adrian to provide

+ #3: Johannes Obermayr (jobermayr) (2011-06-08 19:39:42)
+ Discard my proposal since I do not get the required information ...

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