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[openFATE 312471] LightDM as the default Display Manager
Feature changed by: Bruno Friedmann (bruno_friedmann)
Feature #312471, revision 2
Title: LightDM as the default Display Manager

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: saulo aldighieri moraes (saul0)
Partner organization:

Using LightDM as the default Display Manager for Gnome, KDE and XFCE we
will be reducing possible Display Manager issues to just 1 source.
Ubuntu is already using it and others distro will probably follow this
KDE/Qt LightDM is already in progree:

+ Discussion:
+ #1: Bruno Friedmann (bruno_friedmann) (2011-06-05 16:23:17)
+ There's something wrong with this request. Firstly the lightdm is a
+ project in developpement (even just an idea for a lot of part) so
+ replacing long tested and well supported DM by a new piece of software
+ that seems just to be a draft actually look incredible for me. If you
+ want to replace something that work in so much type of deployement :
+ make a full list of real advantages for this software compared to the
+ others. Like including whole PAM auth stack, remote access, etc
+ Then find someone to make it available on OBS, so it will get a chance
+ to be firstly build, and tested. (Don't imagine it's easy, look at the
+ plymouth feature which is one of the most requested)

openSUSE Feature:

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