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[openFATE 311439] have a decent linear video editor
Feature changed by: Jedi Beeftrix (Jedibeeftrix)
Feature #311439, revision 6
Title: have a decent linear video editor

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: Jean-Daniel Dodin (jdd)
Partner organization:

When searching why I still switch to Windows, I have little answers but
two or three. One of them is having a decent video editor, like this
proprietary one: (cost only approx $100),
extremely powerfull. We already have some editors (Kdenlive, kino,
openshot, openmovie, blender, cinelerra)

Use Case:
To edit the 11.4 tutorials I had to use Magix. No Linux editor could do
the same without crashing every 10 minutes... and I really dislike
making openSUSE tutorials with a proprietary software

Business case (Partner benefit): On my opinion, we are not that far of the result, but may
be we would have to give 2/3 more developpers to the right project. for
now I see three capable projects: * kdenlive, the kde editor. It's the
most promising, but for some years now it's still excessively buggy.
Not even able to save and load correctly a project! * blender. Blender
have a very special interface, so I couldn't really test it, but the
Blender developpers use to be extremely fine, so I trust them. I will
try it more, but may be need to buils a doc in the mean time *
cinelerra. let alone because it may be the older project, and said to
be very fine for it's goal. Used to ask for enormous amount of power
(cluster of 100 machines) and specially fitted to jpeg movy editor,
very professional, may be too much for the average :-(
So we need one and we can have one if we devote some manpower to it

#1: Juergen Weigert (jnweiger) (2011-03-07 19:20:57)
I am all pro enabling a good multimedia experience with Linux, but
there is a reason why this has seen low effort in the past. A Video-
Editor cannot work without several potentially patent encumbered
codecs. Novell legal advises against inclusion of e.g. MPEG2/4 or mp3
codecs in our products. One possibility to cope with this advise is to
identify an application that can be separated into a base application
(maintained at SUSE) and codec plugin packages (maintained elsewhere).
The base application should come with free codecs, (e.g. ogg) to be
useful on its own. It should also know other formats and codecs and
guide through the needed steps towards additional software packages
(and licenses, where needed). There is additional effort in maintaining
a decent user experience when a any sizable application gets separated
into free and non-free parts coming through different distribution
Other possibilities might include moving it outside of Novell's
responsibility, but I'd be more interested to host it here, if doable.

+ #2: Jedi Beeftrix (jedibeeftrix) (2011-06-01 12:15:37)
+ kdenlive...........?

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