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[openFATE 310778] Project Bretzn app-store to be integrated into opensuse 11.4
Feature changed by: Jedi Beeftrix (Jedibeeftrix)
Feature #310778, revision 18
Title: Project Bretzn app-store to be integrated into opensuse 11.4

openSUSE-11.4: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: jimbo bigcreed (dimble_thricefoon)
Partner organization:

1) Make it easy for developers to release an application
2) Make it easy for developers to market and for users to learn about
that application
3) Make it easy for users to install the application
Project Bretzn consists of three parts: the building of the package,
the publishing of the application, the marketing to the users and the
feedback cycle back to the developer. The building part consists of
plugins for IDE’s and integration with Build Services and using Lubos
Lunak’s OBS Generator ( (yes,
still looking for a new name
21--1.html) ) to automatically generate cross-platform build files.
Publishing sends the app to a variety of App Stores and then markets it
through announcing it on Facebook, Twitter, via a RSS feed and the
Social Desktop ( . Finally, users can provide
feedback by rating the application and commenting on it, by writing bug
reports and send messages to mailing lists or forums. And all of that
with one click (well, maybe a few more).
Over 70% of the work is done already and the team is aiming to ship in
December. They are working with other openSUSE developers to make a
proof-of-concept App Store for openSUSE using OBS and the other
integration which will hopefully ship in the upcoming openSUSE 11.4
This sounds like the kind of thing we want!

#1: Jedi Beeftrix (jedibeeftrix) (2010-12-29 13:14:37)
update on Bretzn:

#2: Jos Poortvliet (jospoortvliet) (2010-12-29 16:00:37)
End of Januari a Bretzn sprint will be held in the openSUSE offices in
Nuremberg, part of the goal is to integrate it better in openSUSE.
Hopefully we can make this happen ;-)

#3: Jedi Beeftrix (jedibeeftrix) (2010-12-29 22:58:24) (reply to #2)
thank you Jos,
I look forward to seeing bretzn integrated into 11.4.

#4: Nelson Marques (ketheriel) (2011-01-01 15:50:35)
I find the terminology 'store' misplaced for a community freely
available linux distribution.

#5: Jedi Beeftrix (jedibeeftrix) (2011-01-12 17:38:58) (reply to #4)
Why? "Current features of the API include categories, screen shots,
change logs, commenting, rating, search and update notification.
Furthermore, applications can be either free or paid and the payment
goes directly to the developer. Not all AppStore clients include all
features right now, the KDE GHNS client is probably the most complete
as it has been around for many years."
It is possible to make financial transactions in return for

#6: Jos Poortvliet (jospoortvliet) (2011-01-13 17:32:13) (reply to #5)
hmmm, I think I understand Nelson here - store sounds much more
commercial than we are as openSUSE ;-) The reason for the name
'appstore' is because it is familiar to many people. Let's be honest,
Yast already provides what really is an appstore - zypper does nothing
else than Apple's appstore. Sure, a 'proper' appstore looks a bit
better, is easier, allows 'external' parties to enter apps etc - but in
the end it's not different from the distribution repositories we've had
for what, 15 years?
So the main reason to work on an openSUSE 'appstore' is because we want
to piggy-back on the popularity of the term. Now THAT is surely an
argument Nelson can fully support, I would think.

#7: Jedi Beeftrix (jedibeeftrix) (2011-01-14 13:18:36) (reply to #6)
i accept the point. :)

#8: Jedi Beeftrix (jedibeeftrix) (2011-01-27 12:50:16)
major distro's to collaborate on app-store framework, opensuse to use
ubuntu app-store front end via policykit:

+ #9: Jedi Beeftrix (jedibeeftrix) (2011-01-28 14:50:53)
+ Opensuse app-store starts to take shape, looking good for opensuse
+ 11.4:

openSUSE Feature:

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