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[openFATE 308385] Easier to install from an USB-flash memory
Feature changed by: Martin Seidler (pistazienfresser)
Feature #308385, revision 8
Title: Easier to install from an USB-flash memory

openSUSE-11.3: Duplicate of #308352
+ Master status: Rejected by Thomas Schmidt <tschmidt@xxxxxxxxxx>
+ reject reason: Not done for 11.3
Requester: Important

Requested by: Magnus Gustavsson (magnusgus)
Partner organization:

I want to start with saying my appreciation of all SUSE developers, I
really think SUSE is the number one choise, both for beginners and more
advanced users. 11.2 is really a big step forward, thanks a lot to all
However...following the discussion here;
, I make here a proposal for improvement when it comes to the
installation from other media than the commonly used DVD-disc, that
almost all computer users are able to understand and use.
The growing numbers of netbooks, without CD or DVD-rom built in is
pushing the fact that OS:s today lack one important feature, namely an
easy installation from USB- or flashmemories of all kinds.
It is maybe wise to try to imagine where alternative OS like Linux
would stand today, if there was not the possibility to download an .
iso, burn it on a blank DVD-disc and then simply put it into a computer
before boot.
With this in mind, think of how many who really would consider testing
linux or SUSE in particular on their netbook as a fist try (maybe
because they imagine better performance than with the overloaded MS
mostly shipped with the netbook, but are incapable of making the
installation due to thee simple fact that their notebook lacks a DVD-
Beeing a linuxuser with more than a year of experience (and also a user
who have made a USB installation once in fact), I still find the many
and difficult stages in making a working, bootable USBstick which will
install a new version of SUSE so hard, that I really can understand why
so many still are considering a Vista or a Mac in front of a linux OS.
It is too difficult!!
Basically I think a installation via USB-stick should not be more
complicated than something like this:
1: To format the stick to FAT16 (if it now really is needed), with any
availible program in windows or Linux
2. Make this stick bootable with same formatting program
3. Download and copy the DVD.iso to the stick (or somewhere on the
computers harddrive, but this is over manys limit)
4. Download and copy a special "SUSE-USB-stick"-file to the stick, that
makes the necessary extra things U described in Ur posts such as
extracting installer etc
5. Make the intended computer able to boot from a USB-stick
6. Put the USB-stick in the intended computer and reboot so the
prepartion with DD etc is made, possible make the computer reboot
again, and finally make the installation to start.
These 6 steps would be easy enough to follow for a newbie, as well as
for me.
And it would work regardless of network or internetconnection for the
computer. It would also take full advantage of the torrent technology
since all can be downloaded the quickest way via torrent.
And it will for sure make at least SUSE a much more attractive option
for people searching alternatives to the mainstream OS they have been
feed up with since small school.
I made this request under SUSE 11.3 but maybe there is a better place
for it, please feel free to move this in this case. Appreciate all
comments about this.
Magnus Gustavsson

- feature/duplicate: 308352

Business case (Partner benefit): To improve/ make easier installation process for
computers without DVD-drive.

#1: Nolanotter Clarke (n1cl3) (2009-11-28 14:21:13)
If this request moves forward, suse will reach another level of
easiness to install. GO SUSE!

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