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[openFATE 308354] Live USB Stick Creator
Feature changed by: Martin Seidler (pistazienfresser)
Feature #308354, revision 4
Title: Live USB Stick Creator

openSUSE-11.3: Duplicate of #308352
+ Master status: Rejected by Thomas Schmidt <tschmidt@xxxxxxxxxx>
+ reject reason: Not done for 11.3
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: H. Hansen (cyberbeat)
Partner organization:

It would be nice to have something like It is a nice GUI
(linux/windows, created such a stick from opensuse) which installs a
LIVE ISO on a USB stick. Perhaps it can be adapted to opensuse-media.
It is written in python. It uses a existing partition (can be fat for
example), and a casper-rw file for persistent storage (choosable size),
so does not need extra partitions. - I did not succeed with the
official tutorial at to create a
live stick, it describes also another method (hybrid with second
partition for persistent data, which failed for me). Also with this
solution it is not possible to use (and keep) an existing fat
partition. - Today more and more laptops and netbooks without optical
drives are spread. There is really needed an easy graphical tool now!
Usecase: I am new to linux, want to carry my custom system around with
me, and want that installation on usb just works Usecase: I buy a
netbook and want to install opensuse on it without having to use
console or software foreign software - I don't want different utilities
on windows/linux to create usb live stick

#1: Roman Bysh (romanator) (2010-01-29 14:35:46)
I second that. This is the easiest graphical LIVE ISO on a USB stick
creator for linux. No hoops to jump through or syntax to remember.

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