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[openFATE 311145] import firefox passwords into chromium kde wallet
Feature changed by: Martin Seidler (pistazienfresser)
Feature #311145, revision 2
Title: import firefox passwords into chromium kde wallet

Hackweek VI: Unconfirmed
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: Susanne Oberhauser (froh)
Partner organization:

somehow import firefox passwords into chromium.
They can be exported using the Password Exporter
( plugin.
They in theory can be imported into KDEWallet using the KDE Wallet password
In practice, the imported firefox passwords are in another wallet
folder than the chromium passwords.

Use Case:
When a heavy firefox user gives chromium a try, she'll find all her
passwords lost.

+ Discussion:
+ #1: Martin Seidler (pistazienfresser) (2011-01-24 20:04:16)
+ A tool to synchronize passwords (and bookmarks) securely in the
+ cloud/on a server/web space may be a more universally approach
+ especially if you use more than one device or other browsers like
+ opera, too: Something like Xmarks (
+ but more secure and on an free chosen or/and openSUSE related space.
+ Why not build on/use an already existing open browser synchronizer
+ ( or a
+ password manager
+ ( like KeePassX
+ ( ?

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