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[openFATE 311144] Alternative configuration backend for KDE applications
Feature changed by: Gaël Beaudoin (gabooo)
Feature #311144, revision 3
Title: Alternative configuration backend for KDE applications

Hackweek VI: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: Cornelius Schumacher (cschum)
Partner organization:

It's sometimes annoying that desktop applications written with
different toolkits or frameworks use different ways how to store
configuration. This makes it harder to share configuration between
applications, like sharing color preferences across applications
written with different toolkits. It make it harder to write tools which
work on configuration on a low level, like backup tools. It also makes
it harder to share configuration between different machines, as for
example to put configuration in an LDAP backend multiple configuration
systems would have to be adapted to get a full desktop configuration
KDE applications widely use kconfig_compiler to create high-level
native code to access configuration from a generic configuration
description. How the actual config backend works is more or less
It would be an interesting experiment to add the option to
kconfig_compiler to create code, which accesses a different backend
than the standard KDE KConfig one. It could for example generate code,
which uses QSettings or dconf. This way KDE applications could ideally
be moved to a different configuration backend just by a simple
The other way around kconfig_compiler could also create code, which can
natively be used by non-KDE applications, e.g. a Qt-only or a GNOME
I have no idea, if this would be useful for anything, but it would be
fun to play around and explore the possibilities a bit. Maybe something
good for a more consistent desktop experience could result, especially
for a project as openSUSE, which contains a wide range of applications
using different desktops frameworks.

#1: Markus K (kamikazow) (2011-01-24 02:03:02)
Hasn't Canonical announced that they plan to do that? Let them actually
contribute to KDE for a change...

+ #2: Gaël Beaudoin (gabooo) (2011-01-24 09:03:20) (reply to #1)
+ Yes indeed, see
+ (

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