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[openFATE 310825] QTads in OpenSuSE Repository
Feature changed by: Nikos Chantziaras (realnc)
Feature #310825, revision 2
Title: QTads in OpenSuSE Repository

Package Wishlist: Unconfirmed
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: D D (xyzzy-magicat)
Partner organization:

QTads ( is the only Linux program
currently capable of running the full/multimedia version of interactive
fiction ( games written in the
TADS (Text Adventure Development System) (
code (see "why do we want this" reason for more info). At the moment,
it's not available in any OpenSuSE repository, including the 3rd party
Webpin-accessible or Build Service user home projects.  Linux binaries
are technically available but they're built off Debian Lenny and have
enough version-specific dependencies for having it be in a repository
strongly preferable, particularly for GNOME users and/or novices.

Business case (Partner benefit): There's a strong, growing community of people playing and
writing interactive fiction -- enough to fuel multiple annual highly-
competitive awards, conventions, review sites, local user groups, and
game databases. TADS is a common favorite among players and creators,
as it allows the author to divide the screen into sections, control all
aspects of font display, and make use of PNG/JPG images, WAV/MIDI/mp3
files, or clickable hyperlinks, resulting in a richer experience that
appeals to a much wider audience.

+ Discussion:
+ #1: Nikos Chantziaras (realnc) (2011-01-22 02:04:48)
+ I've added this to the build service:
+ 3Arealnc

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