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[openFATE 311063] connect the QA automation system with a cloud provider
Feature changed by: Oliver Ries (ories23)
Feature #311063, revision 8
Title: connect the QA automation system with a cloud provider

Hackweek VI: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: Oliver Ries (ories23)
Partner organization:

HAMSTA is able to administer and orchestrate systems that are local to
the QA lab. Some tests (e.g. load tests) require numerous additional
clients that typically are being provided via VMs or physical HW on the
own premises. It would be good if any system could be added as resource
to HAMSTA and have tests / scripts executed on it.
challenges: porting hamsta-client to different OS', parameterizing test
scripts (e.g. $IP) to accommodate changing environments, multicast
traffic beyond the (company) firewall / vpn

#1: Leon Wang (wonleing) (2011-01-19 07:53:41)
Can I understand it as: 1. You want hamsta support
CentOS/Ubuntu/Windows SUT reinstall 2. You want SUT can accept job
without pre-install any hamsta client 3. You want SUT and master can be
locate in different companies internet
Correct me if I am wrong or miss something.

#2: Arthur Guo (gzhy) (2011-01-19 08:01:58) (reply to #1)
My understanding: 1. no Windows; 2. user install hamsta client; 3.
"different companies" is a business issue; technically an SUT outside
of our firewall, can still be contacted by hamsta master.
Correct me if I am wrong.

#4: Oliver Ries (ories23) (2011-01-20 00:02:34)
Good assessment of the weak initial request :)

+ #5: Oliver Ries (ories23) (2011-01-20 00:06:36)
+ Additionally, and IMHO most difficult, HAMSTA would leverage the
+ EC2/Rackspace/... API to dynamically create and start a VM out there.
+ This should be implemented in a layer where the specific provider API
+ will be implemented in specific classes. This also will have to provide
+ a mechanism to choose which provider (EC2/Rackspace) will be used

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