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[openFATE 310929] include blender 2.5 in opensuse 11.4 Dvd
Feature changed by: Thomas Schmidt (digitaltomm)
Feature #310929, revision 20
Title: include blender 2.5 in opensuse 11.4 Dvd

- openSUSE-11.4: Implementation
+ openSUSE-11.4: Done
Requester: Desirable

- Info Provider: Dave Plater (plater)
Requested by: Jedi Beeftrix (jedibeeftrix)
Developer: Dave Plater (plater)
Partner organization:

blender is a world class 3D modelling and animation packages, and
happens to be one of the best linux video sequencers as a consequence
of the first ambitions.
it should be a default package install with the DVD iso of opensuse
11.4, or at least included in the iso image itself.

- blender package (obs/package: graphics/blender)
- 55926 (obs/request: 55926)

#1: Thomas Schmidt (digitaltomm) (2010-12-03 13:57:40)
Blender 2.55 is available on the buildservice in the graphics project.
So this is just a matter of creating a submit request to factory?

#2: Jedi Beeftrix (jedibeeftrix) (2010-12-03 14:04:04) (reply to #1)
i thought this was the place to request features?
i realise a package could be built from factory, but would that see it
become a package included with opensuse install media?

#3: Dave Plater (plater) (2010-12-04 00:08:22) (reply to #2)
I'm waiting for openCOLLADA libs to be accepted into factory, because
it's a new package it had to go through legal review, I submitted it at
the end of October.

#4: Jedi Beeftrix (jedibeeftrix) (2010-12-04 14:54:25)
cheers, but i'm not sure i understand the connection...? :)

#5: Dave Plater (plater) (2010-12-04 16:59:03) (reply to #4)
blender 2.5x uses the openCOLLADA libraries to import / export .dae
files which enable using blender creations in other 3D apps like Max,
Maya and Second Life or vice versia. It should be accepted into factory
next week when I'll submit the latest blender post 2.55 snapshot.

#6: Jedi Beeftrix (jedibeeftrix) (2010-12-04 17:51:27)
fantastic news, thank you.
does this indicate that blender will be a default package on the DVD

#7: Dave Plater (plater) (2010-12-04 20:57:12) (reply to #6)
It was on the 11.3 dvd, I can't see any reason why it won't be on the
11.4 one.

#8: Jedi Beeftrix (jedibeeftrix) (2010-12-05 13:21:55)
once again, my thanks.

#9: Dave Plater (plater) (2010-12-08 16:51:47)
JFYI blender-2.55.33554 has just been submitted to factory, should make
milestone 5 with a bit of luck.

#11: Jedi Beeftrix (jedibeeftrix) (2010-12-08 17:53:03) (reply to #9)
brilliant. *fingers crossed*

#10: Jedi Beeftrix (jedibeeftrix) (2010-12-08 17:52:19)
brilliant. *fingers crossed*

#12: Dave Plater (plater) (2010-12-29 13:20:19)
blender-2.55.33653 has just checked in to factory and 2.56 is being
prepared for release this week.

#13: Jedi Beeftrix (jedibeeftrix) (2010-12-29 22:57:29) (reply to #12)
thank you david. :D
happy new year!

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