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[openFATE 310758] Multitouch input layer from X.Org Server 1.10 for opensuse 11.4
  • From: fate_noreply@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2010 12:33:04 +0100 (CET)
  • Message-id: <feature-310758-8@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Feature changed by: jimbo bigcreed (Dimble_ThriceFoon)
Feature #310758, revision 8
Title: Multitouch input layer from X.Org Server 1.10 for opensuse 11.4

openSUSE-11.4: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: jimbo bigcreed (dimble_thricefoon)
Partner organization:

A request for the multi-touch support to be included in opensuse 11.4
via Multi-Pointer-X, due to be rolled into Server 1.10 in mid
February 2011.
Ubuntu are also trying to include this but are concerned, as I imagine
the opensuse devs will be, by the scheduled release date being so close
to distro deadlines for their spring release.
However, if it is not possible to include 1.10 would it be possible to
do what Ubuntu have discussed, and back-port the entire input layer
from X.Org Server 1.10 into their 1.9 build so they can have the latest
multi ( -
touch work.
* Thu, Jan 20 2011, openSUSE 11.4 Milestone 6 release
* Thu, Feb 10 2011, openSUSE 11.4 RC 1 release
* Fri, Feb 25 2011, openSUSE 11.4 RC 2 release
* Thu, Mar 03 2011, openSUSE 11.4 Goldmaster
* Thu, Mar 10 2011, openSUSE 11.4 Public Release

#1: Jedi Beeftrix (jedibeeftrix) (2010-11-14 15:52:33)
looks like X Input 2.1 multi-touch functionality is complete, but won't
be merged in time to make x.server 1.10 anyway:
however, the developer does say:
""The xserver source code is essentially 1.9 plus a backport of the X
input ABI 12 work. I believe it should be trivial to rebase the xserver
patches on top of master, and I will likely do so after the merge
window closes for 1.10 on Dec 1st.""
so the opportuntiy exists to have multi-touch functionality at least
enabled in opensuse 11.4 and ubuntu 11.04.............
so how about opensuse devs, can we have it please? :)

#2: Jedi Beeftrix (jedibeeftrix) (2010-12-02 12:18:10) (reply to #1)
this might also be very handy for Smeegol.

+ #3: jimbo bigcreed (dimble_thricefoon) (2010-12-03 12:33:02)
+ update on X-Input 2.1:

openSUSE Feature:

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