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[openFATE 305301] Central Regulatory Domain Agent (for 802.11)
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  • Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 13:23:42 +0200 (CEST)
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Feature changed by: Jiri Benc (jbenc)
Feature #305301, revision 25
Title: Central Regulatory Domain Agent (for 802.11)

openSUSE-11.2: Evaluation
Requester: Important
Projectmanager: Important

Requested by: Vladimir Botka (vbotka)

The regulatroy domain handling for wireless cards was done by each
driver seperately before mac80211/cfg80211. cfg80211 is used to unify
the handling of regulatory domains for wireless devices.
However cfg80211 depends on the user space configuring the regulatory
domain. A user space daemon is currently developed (see [1]). It
basically provides the allowed channels for all known regulatory
Additionally it would be nice to allow the configuration of the
regulatory domain from the Yast network module.
Partly based on bnc#392853

#1: Helmut Schaa (hschaa) (2009-02-03 12:04:57)
I've already packaged crda and wireless-regdb in my buildservice
project home:hschaa:CRDA.

#2: Helmut Schaa (hschaa) (2009-02-09 11:37:20)
What we additionally need for this feature is some integration with
Yast or NetworkManager such that the user is able to set the regulatory
domain (maybe based on the selected time zone).
A command line tool for setting the domain is already available (iw)
but needs to be updated.

#3: Helmut Schaa (hschaa) (2009-02-09 16:09:28) (reply to #2)
Just submitted an update for Factory.

#4: Helmut Schaa (hschaa) (2009-02-10 10:59:40) (reply to #2)
wpa_supplicant 0.6.7 already has support for setting the regulatory
domain. We'll get that with the next version update.

#5: Helmut Schaa (hschaa) (2009-02-10 13:40:25) (reply to #2)
iw, crda and wireless-regdb are part of factory now

#6: Kshitij Kulshreshtha (polyconvex) (2009-03-25 11:53:33)
Sometimes on a short visit abroad a user might not bother to update
their timezone information on their laptop but still want to use a
wireless network. In this case setting the regulatory domain based on
timezone is not the right thing to do. Why not let the networkmanager
applet ask the user himself to provide the country as a part of the
dialog to setup the network? (A map similar to the yast timezone
selector built into KNetworkManager?)

#7: Marius Tomaschewski (mtomaschewski) (2009-06-08 11:27:49)
We've already another enhancement bugs for sysconfig/wireless... so
let's just add it for 11.2.
Helmut, let's speak in the next days about the requirements on the
sysconfig side (I guess it is just one optional variable) and add this
together with the another enhancements. Michal (yast2 network) requires
the sysconfig support to implement it on the yast2 side.

#11: Marius Tomaschewski (mtomaschewski) (2009-09-08 15:56:43) (reply
to #9)
Let's define the sysconfig ifcfg -file variable as:
The '00' value is the ISO / IEC 3166 alpha2 country code as used in
the regdb / wpa_supplicant / iw tool. The _sysconfig_ default is '' ,
that is empty string.

#12: Marius Tomaschewski (mtomaschewski) (2009-09-08 16:39:46) (reply
to #11)
Hmm... it looks like the reg domain is a global and not a per-interface
setting, in iw:
reg set <ISO/IEC 3166-1 alpha2>
reg get
this means it has to go to network/config and not into ifcfg file. Is
this correct?

+ #15: Jiri Benc (jbenc) (2009-09-09 13:23:09) (reply to #12)
+ Yes, this is a system-wide setting. On purpose, you don't usually have
+ you computer in two different regulatory zones ;-)
+ I don't see what's the problem with using the timezone setting, though.
+ Yes, it would require a translation table (to map e.g. Europe/Prague to
+ CZ), but other than that, it should provide all the information we
+ need: in what country we are located.

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