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[openFATE 303460] Redesign of Sound Card Module
  • From: fate_noreply@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2009 13:38:14 +0200 (CEST)
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Feature changed by: Stephan Kulow (coolo)
Feature #303460, revision 18
Title: Redesign of Sound Card Module

openSUSE-11.0: Rejected by Stanislav Visnovsky (visnov)
reject date: 2008-03-26 16:04:06
reject reason: Out of time for 11.0.
Requester: Important

openSUSE-11.1: Rejected by Stanislav Visnovsky (visnov)
reject date: 2008-06-25 15:09:08
reject reason: Postponing, out of focus.
Requester: Important

openSUSE-11.2: Evaluation
Requester: Important

Requested by: Martin Schmidkunz (mschmidkunz)

Currently the sound card module in YaST hides many options within an
"Others" menu button. When adding a sound card the user needs to choose
between three configuration ways: automatic, normal and advanced. It is
very difficult for the user to choose the appropriate way for him.
Ideas for Improvement:
* Moving "Volume" and "Start Sequencer" to the "Edit" section.
* "Set As Primary Card" is now visible at once to the user
* "Play Test Sound" is integrated into the "Edit" section
Workflow for "Add" a new sound card:
* The user chooses only the vendor and the model.
* All the other settings (volume and some advanced settings) can be
adjusted via "Edit".
* Joystick settings can be done in the "Joystick" module.
Mock ups for the redesign are available at:

- feature/id: 304936

#2: Guy Lunardi (glunardi) (2008-05-19 00:50:40)
mschmidkunz: I believe that re-designing this module is probably a good
I hate to mix technology in design and feature discussions but in this
case... I wonder if we need to make the module Pulse audio aware.

#3: Matthias Eckermann (mge1512) (2008-06-17 17:28:14) (reply to #2)
I agree. Just open another FATE regarding Pulse Audio awareness of the
YaST module in addition to this one, ...:-)

#4: Guy Lunardi (glunardi) (2008-06-18 09:44:48) (reply to #3)
Done, I have created 304936 to track the pulse-audio need in YaST.

+ #5: Stephan Kulow (coolo) (2009-04-16 13:37:20)
+ looking for community volunteers

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